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Beth Abel

Published on

June 12, 2024


copywriting, creative, creative thinking

Picture the scene. You’re halfway through writing up a detailed email or adding the final touches to a report summary. Suddenly, the words seem to get stuck. Your fingers hover aimlessly over the keyboard. Your eyes dart to the time. You panic.

Copywriters are more familiar than most with writer’s block. But thankfully this means we’re well-equipped to overcome it. From walks in nature to immersing ourselves in the work of others, our methods may differ. But the goal is always the same: to find the inspiration we need to refocus.

So, next time writer’s block strikes, who knows? Perhaps these top tips from the TEAM LEWIS content team might rekindle the creative flame within, and help you get back on track.

Escape the four walls

When your brain is tiring and your wordcount is slowing, shut the laptop and take a walk. A simple change of scene, away from your home or corporate office space, can be a powerful tool in changing your thinking. Chris Lewis captures this sentiment in his book about reclaiming creativity, Too Fast to Think, explaining that “bigger spaces lead to bigger thoughts.”

And for those moments when it’s hard to step away from the screen? Window-gazing can be an effective practice, too. Taking the pressure off filling the page in front of you, even momentarily, can lead to a more relaxed state of mind. This is the perfect environment for ideas to flow freely. Whether you’re watching the trees sway or a cat stroll across the street, nature and the daily goings-on of life outside our bubble can expand our creative horizons.

Read, read, read

It can be tempting to re-read your work over and over when you’re struggling to wrap it up. But it’s likely that you need to look elsewhere to ignite fresh inspiration. What have others said about the topic you’re writing about? Reading about the same subject might provide the new perspective you need to complete the task. Or perhaps you need to look somewhere else entirely…

Outside of working hours, reading books (fiction or non-fiction) and supplementing books with articles, essays or podcasts can provide a wealth of inspiration. The cross-pollination of ideas from different places can create an entirely new concept or way of looking at something. The hard work is doing the reading or listening without knowing when this might happen. But the rewards could be well worth it.

Go back to basics

Sometimes, we can become so consumed with delivering our best work that we end up totally overthinking it. Striving too hard for perfection can leave us feeling frustrated when we don’t achieve it on the first try. This is your reminder to mix it up. Mess around. Find the fun in your everyday tasks. The best way to start is by turning off the tech. Put your Zoom on DND, your phone on airplane mode, and open your notebook.

The next step is simple. Put pen to paper and see what appears. By writing down whatever comes to mind when thinking about the topic you’re working on, you let go of inhibitions. This is where creativity tends to thrive. After a few minutes, see what you’ve got down. You might just end up with something that sparks a poignant idea you can build upon. The perfect sentence can come later.

Always remember that even the most creative people feel uninspired from time to time. Sometimes the answer to finding inspiration lies within, other times it lies in an overheard conversation on the Tube, between the pages of a magazine or an advert on TV. While there isn’t a switch you can flick to find creativity, there are simple, everyday things you can do to try and reclaim it. Just give it the time it deserves.

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