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Conner McDermott

Published on

January 30, 2024


community management, creative, planning, project management

Ever seen a project seamlessly come to life? Although you may not know it, there’s probably a Project Manager (PM) to thank for that.

They’re like the backstage crew at a concert, making sure all project management services run smoothly. In this blog, we’ll talk about why PMs are essential for project success and how they pull it off—without the jargon and buzzwords. 

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Why Project Managers are key for project success   

Keeping the chaos in check: Imagine a project without a plan. Chaos. Just writing those words makes me anxious! PMs remain calm whatever the challenge, bringing order and clarity to the project and programme management by creating roadmaps and setting achievable objectives. 

Balancing resources: Think of PMs as savvy budgeters and resource jugglers. They ensure everyone and everything needed for the project is in the right place at the right time. It’s like a perfectly choreographed dance.   

Problem-solvers: When stuff hits the fan, PMs are the first on the scene with their problem-solving hats on for complex projects. No matter the hurdle, they find a way to jump over it—sometimes they’ll even do a cool flip while they’re at it. Without the hat falling off. 

The glue: PMs are the glue, holding everything together. Communication is key, they ensure that everyone’s talking and everyone’s listening, preventing any ‘back and forth’ confusion that could derail the project.

Sixth sense: When it comes to spotting things that could derail a successful project delivery on a global scale, it sometimes feels like PM’s own a crystal ball. They’re always one (or two) steps ahead. 

People Management: Managing people can be difficult, adding in creative and tech talent could be a recipe for disaster. PMs will have a tailored service. They’ll create time and space for the creative talent to focus on delivering excellent work. Without worrying about priorities, client demands and other issues, to keep them in the zone.

Five reasons you need a PM: 

1. Smooth sailing. PMs steer the ship through stormy project seas. They make sure it reaches the sunny project island. Without a PM on board, you might end up lost in a project Bermuda Triangle. 

2. Who’s in charge? That’s easy, it’s the PM! With PMs around, there’s no game of ‘pass the responsibility.’ Project Managers hold the project reins and ensure everyone stays accountable, avoiding finger-pointing mayhem. 

3. Disaster aversion team. Ever heard of a disaster movie with a PM? Nope, because PMs are the ones preventing disasters. They foresee issues and have a plan B (and C, and D) ready to roll. 

4. Budget whisperers. PMs are your go-to budget keepers, making sure you don’t accidentally break the bank. Keeping requests in scope and managing all requests. 

5. The quality police. With experienced project managers on the case, project quality doesn’t stand a chance of slipping. They’re the guardians of top-notch output. 

 Five Project Manager superpowers: 

1. Your #1 fan: PMs lead the charge, rallying the troops and boosting morale. It’s like having a project cheerleader, with or without the pom-poms. 

2. Magic: When problems arise, PMs wave their magic project management wands (or, you know, use their experience and expertise) to make the problems disappear. They’re the Harry Potter’s of project land. 

3. Smooth-talking diplomats: PMs are skilled in handling different personalities and conflicts. They smooth out tensions across partners, clients and in-house teams to make sure everyone is pulling in the same direction. 

4. Rolling with the punches: Change is a constant companion in any project. PMs are the masters of adapting to new challenges to ensure the project stays on track. No matter what. 

5. Always learning: There is always room for improvement. Post-project, PMs analyse what went well and what could have been better. It’s this open mindset that helps drive everyone forward. 


Project Managers may not always take the spotlight, but they’re the driving force behind the scenes to execute projects and keep them running smoothly. And ultimately, to succeed. 

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