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February 19, 2019



"Advancements in artificial intelligence, anticipatory UX, and big data will see organizations filtering not just the content you see, but also the way you see it."

Now that we are one month into 2019, are you on track to keep up with this year’s top digital trends? Every six months, we showcase our global team’s work and client successes. From awards to case studies, get a glimpse inside the agency in this special edition, where we focus on all things digital marketing.


Here are a few things you can expect to find in this special edition:

  • Learn more about how we can now measure the impact of the marketing ecosystem through LEWIS MET.
  • Get to know some of our digital and creative leaders around the globe.
  • Our top ten predictions in digital marketing for 2019.
  • Find out how we help our clients through social media and influencer marketing.


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