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February 28, 2024


mobile, Technology Marketing

We’re at the gates of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) and brands are looking to stand out in the information ocean. Planning and executing a communication or marketing campaign in a crowded space with so much competition is an enormous challenge. But it provides opportunities that can give your brand success on social media channels.

At TEAM LEWIS, we want to help communication and marketing specialists, community managers and content creators find a way to shine on the main digital platforms during this technology fair of global impact held in Barcelona. Don’t miss our tips!

AI will be the queen: Differentiate yourself and reward video content.

It’s important to produce original content and materials that add value to the audience, whilst sharing information about your brand and your participation in the event. It’s easy to fall into the trap of showing something different to stand out. But this won’t always help with your long term strategy. It won’t create messages that leave a lasting memory for your audience.

For example, artificial intelligence (AI) aspires to be the leader of the Mobile World Congress 2024. For brands to stand out, they must speak in a clear way. If the product or service is strategic, the communication must also be strategic: explain what makes this innovation different, make it easy and agile to understand, and build up the conversation around it.

Here, both brevity and authenticity are gaining ground on social media, with short videos—generally less than a minute long—capturing the attention of 66% of consumers, according to Sprout Social. Being highly shareable, these videos are 2.5 times more engaging than longer videos.

These visual elements and videos can help your content stand out during and after the event. But for it to have an impact, it needs to be informative, entertaining and engaging. You want the online community to share it.

Mobile World Congress in real time: Lives, Q&As. Locate what is happening and interact.

Being creative and disruptive during the Mobile World Congress can make the difference between standing out or going unnoticed. Live and experiential content is key, with expert voices who “localise” what is relevant or innovative and why. Take advantage of social networks to interact in real time with your audience during MWC.

Answer questions, engage in relevant conversations, and show your commitment to the event. Also surprise through unexpected collaborations: consider partnering with other brands or influencers to create something unique and memorable. It’s important not only from a marketing or conversion point of view, but also for sharing information.

Influence is now the preferred source for consuming content and information in Spain. According to YouPlanet, many Spaniards decide to get their information through influencers and public figures (13%), friends who share news (22%), recognised and independent journalists (29%) and experts in specific fields (33%). Looking ahead, seven out of ten people believe that influencers are going to have quite a lot of weight in swaying consumer opinions.

The impressions, opinions and experiences of these influential figures are and will be key. So it’s a smart move to partner with them to optimise your brand in the context of an event like the MWC.

Thought leadership: At the MWC your brand is more than its corporate channels. Segment and you will win.

The way you communicate on your corporate channels is just the start. The potential reach for an event like MWC is big. Your employee channels are just as important as your brand channels. Make sure you turn your company’s executives into spokespeople and help them be amongst the top voices of the event.

Give each of them a message, in line with your brand voice and tailor it to their community and values.

In such a large and diverse event, where companies of all sizes and sectors participate, it’s crucial to direct your messages towards your target market.  Segmenting the audience of your corporate channels means you can maximise the impact of your communication and increase the chances of building interest and commitment.

You’ll need to collect and analyse demographic data, online behaviours, and consumer preferences. This data will help you understand who your potential customers are, what they are interested in, and how they prefer to receive information.

During the MWC, it’s essential to adapt your content and messages to specifically address the audience segments at the event. If your target audience is primarily technology professionals interested in business innovations, focus your messages on highlighting how your product or service can solve specific challenges in this sector.

Engagement and leads, or how to make your investment in the MWC profitable after the event.

The investment of taking your management and commercial team to Barcelona in the most important week for the city needs a return. Invest a little more to take your MWC social media strategy outside of Barcelona and beyond the event, giving it a run all year long.

Organic content rewards engagement. Work on quality and different content vs. quantity and make video your greatest ally. If you create new relationships during the MWC and increase your community with new followers, only an engagement strategy will allow you to take them out of the event and build that relationship.

Boost paid campaigns. Betting on conversion in an event like this can destroy your annual budget, taking into account the big players that will be present. But if you invest in awareness and generate good leads you can take your MWC presence to conversion in the following months with a good nurture strategy.

And finally, track the effectiveness of your communication strategies during MWC. Analyse metrics such as reach, participation, lead generation and engagement to evaluate the impact of your messages and identify areas for improvement. Through these insights, you will be able to track your strategy, optimise future participation in this event or others; and live the rest of the year from the investment made in Barcelona.

During this week, TEAM LEWIS be analysing everything that happens at the MWC. Follow us closely to stay up to date with the best marketing strategies of the Mobile World Congress.

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