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Published on

December 22, 2023


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The Port of Antwerp-Bruges, the second largest port in Europe, has recently started to collaborate with the international public relations and marketing agency TEAM LEWIS to bolster its global PR activities. Their joint objective is to enhance the port's positioning on various fronts, including its significance in Europe, its pivotal role in the Belgian economy as an investment site, and as a frontrunner in the energy transition.

The Port of Antwerp-Bruges is strategically placed in Europe, boasting over 300 shipping lines and 800 destinations and managing an annual throughput of 287 million tons. It is Europe’s second-largest port and a major global hub for trade and industry. The port is vital in container handling, diverse cargo traffic, and vehicle transhipment across the continent and beyond. With 1,400 established companies, it directly and indirectly contributes to 164,000 jobs, being a pivotal employer in the Belgian economy and beyond.

The Port of Antwerp-Bruges places significant emphasis on its activities’ economic, social, and environmental impact. It aims to become the world’s leading port in balancing these three aspects. The goal is to sustain growth sustainably and leverage its unique position as a logistical, maritime, and industrial platform to drive the transition towards a circular and low-carbon economy.

Delphine De Pauw, Managing Director of TEAM LEWIS Belgium, stated, “The Port of Antwerp-Bruges is an exciting client to whom we are committed with enthusiasm. Besides focusing on European lobbying, we will support the port with our international colleagues by executing targeted communication actions in the Netherlands, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.”

Vincent Thijs, Corporate Communication Manager of the Port of Antwerp-Bruges, added, “We are eager to collaborate with the internationally recognised public relations agency TEAM LEWIS. We are confident their expertise and dynamism will contribute to more effective press communications across Europe. Together, our goal is to professionally highlight our distinguishing strengths and the international relevance of our port’s infrastructure and future strategy.”

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