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Jordan Froud

Published on

October 24, 2017


agency life

Starting a new role in a new work environment can be an intimidating experience for anyone, but no matter what point in your career you are, you’re still the new kid on the block and it’s time to craft your office celebrity.

A New Challenger Appears

So, you were a big name on campus at University?

So, you’ve got 5 years’ experience at a trendy agency?

So, you’re an industry superstar with a shiny new office?

So what?

When you’ve crash landed into a new job like the dazzling, spinning meteorite you are, you’re starting from ground zero and, to be honest, no one there owes you a thing.

That is, as of yet.

Your first weeks are crucial in the way you craft your presence within the office and they lay the precedent for your role within the entire company. You may be able to create a narrative for your client, but can you mastermind one for yourself?


You’re Not from Around Here, Are You?

Knowing yourself and your worth is an established existential problem that has plagued mankind for centuries… so why should you know on your first day?

Don’t know what you’re doing when you start? Neither does anyone!

Now is the time to assess and reflect on dynamics within the office and get a feel for what pace and style those around you operate at.

The way you socialise in the office has a direct bearing on the shape in which your work takes. The lines between social and working relationships are often unavoidably blurred. Whilst it’s important to remain conscious of this, they are essential in order for you to properly maintain your place within your new company.


Introvert vs. Extrovert

The concept of socialising with complete strangers can be a fearsome thought, especially if you see yourself as the proverbial, introverted turtle stock-character.

In our line of industry, we tend to illustrate individuals as demographics and this way of thinking can filter into our own self-perceptions. Pigeon-holing ourselves as introverts, extroverts, ‘Type As and Bs’ etc. can serve to marginalise our potential.

You don’t have to be one or the other, most people aren’t; just be you!

The truth is, it takes time. You’re not going to be best friends with everyone and the only thing you can truly do is put yourself out there and not fake it. People can sense insincerity and will always react positively to authenticity.


MYI: Make Yourself Indispensable

How much agency do you have in your own agency? Even though you’re new in town, now is the moment to make yourself indispensable and obtain your rightful acclaim.

Put your name on lists. Volunteer. Make sure you’re brought up in the right conversations by the right people. This is the ‘Year of Yes’ and it’s your turn on the zodiac.

But not so fast, that’s not to say that there isn’t power in saying ‘no’. When taking on extra work, it’s crucial to discover your balance before you set a precedent and suddenly find yourself singularly starring in, directing and producing too many blockbusters at once.

If you can’t execute your tasks effectively, then there’s no point. Don’t bite off more than you can chew on the scenery you’re gnawing on! Say yes. Say no. Find your balance and make it work for you. You are the machine and not the cog!you got this

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