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Ellie Hardinges

Published on

May 15, 2020


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Responding to the current circumstances, LinkedIn announced this week it is accelerating it’s product roadmap to combine LinkedIn Live with LinkedIn Events to provide businesses and individuals an easy-to-use platform to host virtual events.

The ‘live’ functionality was originally debuted last year for individuals, but from the beginning of this year it has become available to business pages too. LinkedIn says that LinkedIn Live generates 23x more comments and 6x more reactions than native videos – so if you’re not using it already, is it now time to try a new way of connecting with your audience?

You may have seen live streaming via social media used more frequenly during lockdown with celebrities and infleuncers taking to their accounts to stream workouts, cooking classes or just their inner thoughts. Users can respond in real-time, therefore driving an organic conversation. LinkedIn Live works the same way but, like with all content on LinkedIn, takes a more professional tone of voice.

Before considering using the platform, here’s some top tips to keep in mind:

‘Fail to plan, then plan to fail’

Unlike some celebrities using Instagram Live just to chit-chat about a butterfly they saw, its vital that businesses strategise any time they decide to go live. As you would with a meeting or event, having an agenda of topics to talk about and key messages you want to get across, ensures that your live session acheieves what it wants to and you don’t have any awkward moments.

Make some noise

In order for your LinkedIn Live session to have maximum impact, you need to have as many of your target audience joining as possible. In the days and weeks leading up to your session, ensure you promote your session across social media channels and other marketing activity. Perhaps provide short teasers of what an audience may expect, or pose some questions to get them thinking before they join.

Check your angles

During these times when you’re likely to go live on LinkedIn from your home office, its important to double check that your lighting, camera angle and sound all work fine. Try Facetiming your collegue a few hours before you go live so they confirm if you look okay (and haven’t missed the laundry hanging in the background). Do this test agan just before you go live in case the sunlight in your room has changed. Additonally, you’ll be able to test your sound works on LinkedIn.

Multi-tasking is key

For a business, using LinkedIn live is a great way to get a key message across to your audience. However, the conversation aspect to the platform shouldn’t be ignored as this is vital in creating a good relationshop with your audience. Throughout your session, users can ask questions, make comments or react to what you’re saying. Ensure you keep one eye on this feed of comments from your audience so you can respond and drive the conversation (even if this requires pausing what you’re saying briefly to check the feed, we’re not wizards).


These are just a few tips to get you started on using LinkedIn Live. It’s also important to remember that these streamed videos can also be saved on your profile for use later on which can provide valuable content for your marketing. Lights, camera, action…


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