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Rachel Pritchard

Published on

January 15, 2016


advertising, creativity, digital, social, Social Media, This Week in Social


Press Start

Earlier this week Twitter launched @TwitterGaming; it’s very own dedicated channel to ramp up efforts in becoming a major player in the gaming space.

Brand Enthusiast Gallery

Your Tweets can soon appear in marketing campaigns as the reported ‘brand enthusiast gallery’ will allow advertisers to source posts related to products, and ultimately use them within campaigns on the site.

Facebook is working towards a better connected world. Discover it’s current situation and the role it plays in Facebook’s future.


Periscope Autoplay

Periscope videos will soon autoplay in Tweets which means not only will users no longer have to open another website or app to view streams, but that Twitter streams are about to become a lot noisier.

Snapchat Automated Ad Sales

Reports of Snapchat looking to acquire new ad technology is beginning to look like the channel is making moves to automate ad sales.

Instagram Search Improves

The search feature on Instagram has been updated this week, and like Facebook, it now gives more information on those whom you are searching for. 

Social Winners

Find Your Zen

Social Media may not be the first place people go to when looking to meditate, however Periscope seems to be the new hub for zen-seekers.

Robot Wars!

Brands went wild after it was recently announced that the old-school UK hit, ‘Robot Wars’ will soon break the peace and appear on TV screens once again.

Social Losers

MP Hack

UK Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn had his Twitter account hacked this week – and despite being quickly removed, the hoax Tweets still racked up around 2,000 retweets.

Facebook Friend Finder

Germany’s highest court calls ‘Foe’ on Facebook’s ‘Friend Finder’ as it declares the feature unlawful.

Creative Spot

Deadpool Promo

A tongue-in-cheek campaign that perfectly suits the upcoming film of an unconventional superhero…

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