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Your COVID-19 Toolkit

The impacts of the pandemic caused by COVID-19 are being felt across industries globally. In times of uncertainty and fear of the unknown, it is now more important than ever for resources and help to be readily available. Whether it is implementing business continuity plans, adjusting value propositions to align with the evolving crisis, strengthening strategic muscles or preparing for post pandemic, we are here to help.



The Latest

The Economist | Business

A short-seller rattles Gautam Adani’s empire

What is at stake as Hindenburg Research picks a fight with India’s mightiest tycoon?

The curse of the corporate headshot

A strangely pervasive custom of odd poses and forced smiles…

Elliott and fellow activist investors take on big tech

Languishing Silicon Valley stocks attract Wall Street’s mischief-makers…

Can Amazon deliver again?

The pioneering e-commerce giant battles soaring costs and a stagnating legacy business…

Hindenburg’s critique of the Adani empire

A small investment firm picks a fight with India’s richest tycoon…

The Economist | International

Most children in poor countries are being failed by their schools

Having teachers follow pre-baked lessons could help…

Open-source intelligence is piercing the fog of war in Ukraine

Social-media posts and satellite imagery provide a torrent of data, but can overwhelm and confuse…

The age of the grandparent has arrived

The ratio of grandparents to children is higher than ever before. That has big consequences…

The death of Pope Benedict removes a problem for liberal Catholics

But the battle over the church’s future goes on…

Politics will move further to the left in 2023

But there is little appetite for radical change…

The Guardian

News updates live: Australia to get a poet laureate; fifth of mortgage-holders coming off fixed rates

Anthony Albanese outlines new ‘cultural roadmap’ with five ‘interconnected pillars’. Follow the day’s news liveGet our morning and afternoon news emails, free app or daily news podcastThe finance minister, Katy Gallagher, also spoke to ABC…

Erdoğan says Turkey may accept Finland into Nato without Sweden

Turkish president’s comments come amid tensions with Stockholm and threaten to derail the alliance’s hopes of expanding to 32 countries Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said for the first time that Ankara could accept Finland into Nato wi…

Boris Johnson says Putin claimed he could send missile to hit UK ‘in a minute’

Former prime minister’s comments about call to Russian president just before invasion come in new BBC documentary Russia-Ukraine war: latest updatesBoris Johnson has said that Vladimir Putin claimed he could have sent a missile to hit Britain “wi…

Rishi Sunak set to unveil emergency care plan to slash NHS waiting times

Experts warn plan does not address staff vacancies and £1bn fund pledged is not new money Rishi Sunak will vow to rapidly slash long waiting times for urgent NHS care with a promise of thousands more beds, 800 new ambulances and an expansion of comm…

Long-term sickness leaving 1.6m UK adults over 50 unable to work

Campaign charity Rest Less says figures illustrate not only a national health issue but an economic oneMore than 1.6 million adults aged 50 and over are unable to work because of long-term sickness amid ballooning NHS waiting lists and an exodus from…

New York Times

In the Fight Over Gas Stoves, Meet the Industry’s Go-To Scientist

Longstanding research shows the health dangers of gas-burning ranges. Utilities are turning to Julie Goodman, a toxicologist with a firm whose work raises questions about the science.

As Israelis Grieve, Some Palestinians Exult, and Some Fear What’s Next

Two Palestinians shot a dozen Israelis, seven fatally, over the weekend. In the aftermath, the attackers’ relatives expressed a mixture of pride and dread.

Palestinian Man Fatally Shot as Violence Continues in Israel

Tensions and violence have gripped the Israeli-occupied West Bank and Jerusalem for days after an Israeli military raid on Thursday killed 10 people.

Russia and Ukraine Battle for Control of Villages Near the Key City of Bakhmut

The area is a flash point in an offensive that Moscow views as crucial for its goal of seizing the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine.

Industry Gatekeepers

One company controls a wide swath of the concert industry, and lawmakers say music fans are paying the price.

South China Morning Post

Explainer: property agents share tips for expats on how to get the best rental deals in Hong Kong’s property market

Expats should be open-minded and willing to compromise, say agents, with property typically smaller than in other markets.

Emergency services scour Australian outback for dangerous lost radioactive capsule

The capsule emits the equivalent of 10 X-rays an hour and can cause skin damage, burns and radiation sickness. Long-term exposure could also cause cancer – but experts say the lost item cannot be weaponised.

Hazing havoc: violent Chinese wedding ‘ceremony’ sees bride attacked and piled upon by group of burly men sparking outrage among millions online

A violent wedding hazing in rural China during which a bride was pinned to the ground and piled upon by a group of men has provoked a storm of outrage among millions on mainland social media.

Myanmar coup anniversary: ‘Hatred of junta’ mounts as military ruler Min Aung Hlaing plans polls

Any polls will fall short of democratic standards, and prospects for peace and stability are ‘extremely bleak’ this year, critics say.

High rent, little space: will Hong Kong’s housing market deter top talent from moving to the city?

New incentives to entice foreigners to move to Hong Kong could be undermined by rents that remain among the highest globally even after unrest and Covid-19.

The Straits Times

Russia and Ukraine battle for control of villages near key city of Bakhmut

January 30, 2023 9:03 AMMoscow views the battle as crucial for its push to seize the whole of the eastern region of Donbas.

Putin threatened to lob missile at me, says former UK PM Johnson

January 30, 2023 8:52 AMThe apparent threat came in a phone call just ahead of Ukraine invasion on Feb 24.

Asteroid's sudden flyby shows blind spot in planetary threat detection

January 30, 2023 8:18 AMWASHINGTON - The discovery of an asteroid the size of a small shipping truck mere days before it passed Earth on Thursday, albeit one that posed no threat to humans, highlights a blind spot in our ability to predict those that…

Boeing's 747, the original jumbo jet, prepares for final send-off

January 30, 2023 8:16 AMSEATTLE/PARIS - Boeing’s 747, the original and arguably most aesthetic “Jumbo Jet”, revolutionised air travel only to see its more than five-decade reign as “Queen of the Skies” ended by more efficient twinjet planes…

Italy condemns attacks abroad, 'street violence' at home

January 30, 2023 7:38 AMROME - Italy’s government on Sunday denounced a series of attacks on its diplomatic missions in Europe, following protests at home over the fate of a jailed anarchist.

Sydney Morning Herald

Vlastuin returns, Martin makes statement in Tigers’ intra-club clash

The Tigers took to the track for an intra-club match on Monday, and two premiership stars rubber-stamped their fitness in a spirited clash by a team determined to remain in the premiership mix.

Fire breaks out at Brisbane unit

One person is dead and others are injured after a fire broke out at a unit block in Brisbane.

Watch: Coroner hands down findings into death of Veronica Nelson

Coroner Simon McGregor is expected to call for urgent reform of the state’s controversial bail laws after finding cruel and inhumane treatment of an Indigenous woman caused her preventable death in jail. Follow our blog and watch him deliver his fi…

Victorian bail laws ‘incompatible’ with human rights charter: coroner

After reviewing the jailhouse death of Veronica Nelson, coroner Simon McGregor has called for a sweeping overhaul of Victoria’s bail laws, saying changes made in 2018 were disastrous.

Libby Mettam to lead WA Liberal Party

Three days after WAtoday and Nine News Perth revealed a challenge was afoot, David Honey will make way for the member for Vasse and will not stand against her.


Top 10 AI Content Generator & Writer Tools in 2022

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   The marketing industry is turning to artificial intelligence (AI) as a way to save time and execute smarter, more personalized campaigns. 61% of marketers say AI software is the most important aspect of their data strategy.  If…

Beginner Guide to CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction) in 2022

Image by vectorjuice on FreepikIn this CJ Affiliate guide, I will share with you everything you need to get started on the platform, I will give you an in-depth look at the network and how it works.You will learn how to earn money with the platform.

Canva Review 2022: Details, Pricing & Features

Are you looking for a new graphic design tool? Would you like to read a detailed review of Canva? As it's one of the tools I love using. I am also writing my first ebook using canva and publish it soon on my site you can download it is free.  Le…

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Affiliate Marketing

There are lots of questions floating around about how affiliate marketing works, what to do and what not to do when it comes to setting up a business. With so much uncertainty surrounding both personal and business aspects of affiliate marketing. In…

Wall Street Journal

Israel Strikes Iran Amid International Push to Contain Tehran

Israel carried out a drone strike targeting a defense compound in Iran, as the U.S. and Israel look for ways to contain Tehran’s nuclear and military ambitions.

Russia Tightens Grip Around Bakhmut as Ukraine Awaits Western Tanks

Kyiv urged the West to provide longer-range firepower to counter Russia’s missile barrages as Russia’s invasion forces tightened the noose around the beleaguered eastern city.

Israel, Palestinians Caught in Escalating Cycle of Violence in Jerusalem and West Bank

The situation has deteriorated after two gun attacks in Jerusalem and a wave of Israeli raids in the West Bank.

U.K. Prime Minister Fires Top Official Over Tax Probe

Rishi Sunak removed Nadhim Zahawi as chairman of the U.K.’s ruling Conservative Party after an ethics report concluded Mr. Zahawi failed to disclose an investigation into his tax affairs last year.

China's Top Nuclear-Weapons Lab Used U.S. Chips Decades After Ban

The state-owned institute has continued buying computer chips made by Intel and Nvidia despite its inclusion on a U.S. export blacklist in 1997.


19 Everyday Products Made of Recycled Materials (2023): Chargers, Watches, Toys

Tread lightly on our planet with toys and accessories made from repurposed plastic, and many other Earth-friendly picks.

The Best Amazon Fire Tablet (2023): Which Model Should You Buy?

Whether you need a travel-friendly slate or something affordable for the kids, we tested every model to find the right one for everybody.

‘Nasty’ Geometry Breaks a Decades-Old Tiling Conjecture

Mathematicians predicted that if they imposed enough restrictions on how a shape might tile space, they could force a periodic pattern to emerge. They were wrong.

This App From Schneider Electric Can Help Optimize Your Home’s Energy Use—for a Price

Schneider Electric’s app-controlled electricity management hardware gives you more control over your power consumption. Are the utilities savings worth it?

Garmin Forerunner 255 Review: Great Running Watch

Garmin's latest wearable for runners and triathletes adds a new Morning Report to track your daily fitness.


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