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Your COVID-19 Toolkit

The impacts of the pandemic caused by COVID-19 are being felt across industries globally. In times of uncertainty and fear of the unknown, it is now more important than ever for resources and help to be readily available. Whether it is implementing business continuity plans, adjusting value propositions to align with the evolving crisis, strengthening strategic muscles or preparing for post pandemic, we are here to help.



The Latest

The Economist | Business

What TIM’s mega-spin-off reveals about Europe’s telecoms industry

Splitting operators’ business units could be the first step to consolidation…

Why employee loyalty can be overrated

Many a fickle makes a muckle…

German bosses are depressed

And dissatisfied with the government…

PwC has disgraced itself down under

The firm’s employees helped multinationals dodge taxes in Australia…

Why Sequoia Capital is sawing off its Chinese branch

China is becoming too hot to handle, even for a giant of venture investing…

The Economist | International

Should you send your children to private school?

As shortcuts to elite universities, American schools work better than British ones…

The speech police are coming for social media

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are in the firing line…

The cost of the global arms race

What a “war tax” means for the global economy…

Europe can’t decide how to unplug from China

We calculate the continent’s exposure to the Asian power…

After 12 years of blood, Assad’s Syria rejoins the Arab League

One of the 21st century’s worst war criminals makes a comeback…

The Guardian

Britain is not ready for reintroduction of lynx and wolves, Ray Mears warns

Better management of existing apex predators and compensation schemes for farmers and gamekeepers needed, broadcaster saysLynx and wolves are likely to become feared and hated if they are reintroduced into Britain’s forests, the adventurer and broa…

What were they smoking in Woking? Council tax payers need to be told

Residents will no doubt have to pay a price for their authority’s risk taking and subsequent bankruptcyWinning in the rollercoaster business of commercial property development is hard. Look at the share prices of the two FTSE 100 titans, regarded a…

Former cabinet secretary urges Sunak to drop Covid inquiry legal challenge – live

Lord Butler says there is ‘strong public interest in the inquiry being carried out constructively’The North Sea oil and gas industry is in decline, the shadow business minister Seema Malhotra said, as she defended plans to block new drilling lice…

Wildfires smoke: people urged to wear masks as toxic air quality alerts continue – live

Millions of people across North America continue to struggle with extremely high levels of air pollution amid Canada’s worst-ever start to wildfire seasonTell us: how are wildfires in Canada and smoke in the US affecting you?Protesters are set to d…

Three acquitted in ‘cattle mafia’ case over alleged intimidation of Sicilian sisters

Three sisters who own farm in Mezzojuso say they will appeal after men cleared due to lack of evidenceThree men accused of threatening three Sicilian sisters who claimed to have been targeted by the local mafia have been acquitted due to lack of evid…

New York Times

Wildfire Smoke Envelops the U.S.

New York City experienced its worst air quality on record. Here’s how to stay safe as the smoke spreads.

Rishi Sunak to Talk Tech With Biden, but Ukraine Is Likely to Surface

While economic cooperation and the challenges posed by artificial intelligence are on the agenda, Russia’s invasion presents immediate threats.

U.S. Official Says Ukrainian Attack in South Appears to Be a Main Thrust of Counteroffensive

A senior U.S. official said that fighting escalated overnight near Zaporizhzhia, days after intense Ukrainian attacks farther to the east.

Wildfire Smoke From Canada Is Expected to Reach Norway

Scientists in Norway have observed the effects of the fires, some of which have been burning for weeks.

Pope Francis Is Doing Well After Hernia Surgery, Vatican Says

The 86-year old pontiff had a peaceful night, and was alert and breathing on his own a day after he underwent surgery to treat a hernia, an official statement reported.

South China Morning Post

Ukraine war: Zelensky denies sabotage of Nord Stream; Russia seeks clarification

The Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 were both badly damaged by explosions in September 2022. The undersea pipelines carried natural gas from Russia to Germany.

Hong Kong woman stabbed by stranger in pedestrian underpass near railway station

Victim on her way home when attacked in a pedestrian tunnel connected to Choi Hung MTR station exit C in Wong Tai Sin.

China, Iran, Pakistan agree to hold regular anti-terror talks as concerns grow over cross-border insurgency

Decision comes after Chinese foreign ministry’s external security affairs chief holds first such meeting with Iranian and Pakistani counterparts in Beijing.

9 to 5: not a way to make a living as Hong Kong workplace poll finds majority of staff do not want to return to office after working from home

60 per cent of city staff do not want to return to their desks after Covid-19 home working, a higher rate than Singapore, UK and US.

Why US push for high-level military talks with China is getting nowhere for now

While Washington sees better communications with Beijing as key to reducing the risk in potential flashpoints, analysts say Beijing has different priorities.

The Straits Times

El Nino has arrived, bringing promise of worldwide weather turmoil

June 08, 2023 10:21 PMWhen an El Nino was last in place, in 2016, the world saw its hottest year on record. This time could even be hotter.

700 Club’s Pat Robertson, influential religious conservative, dies at 93

June 08, 2023 9:10 PMHis religious views seeped into American politics and gave Christian conservatives clout.

Pandemic-hit family firm of Britain’s Princess Kate owes $4.4m

June 08, 2023 8:15 PMParty Pieces, once worth $74 million, saw its business plunged, as nearly all social gatherings were banned due to Covid-19.

New York City could be in for a smoky summer as Canada’s wildfires rage

June 08, 2023 7:22 PMThe burning season started early in Canada, but that does not mean a swifter end.

World warming at record 0.2 deg C per decade, scientists warn

June 08, 2023 6:55 PMHumanity is on track to breach 1.5 deg C of warming soon at current rates of greenhouse gas emissions.

Sydney Morning Herald

Origin series rocked as Koroisau heads to hospital

New South Wales hooker Apisai Koroisau suffered a jaw injury as the Tigers met the Titans, and Queensland forward Tino Fa'asuamaleaui was placed on report for an illegal move on the No.9.

World Test Championship final 2023 LIVE: India on the ropes as Australia’s fast bowlers strike

After a productive first day, Australia will be eager to continue their dominance against India in the World Test Championship final at The Oval.

‘Nation is in shock’: Children wounded in knife attack in French Alps

An attacker has stabbed several children and at least one adult, leaving some with life-threatening injuries, at a lakeside park in Annecy.

Qantas scraps heels, make-up restrictions for staff in uniform update

Australia’s flag carrier has become the latest airline to move away from some of its gendered uniform restrictions. All Qantas and Jetstar staff will now be able to wear flat shoes, jewellery and grow their hair long.

Banks found to be charging fees to deceased estates

Six banks, including the big four, have been mishandling deceased estates and continuing to charge customers’ accounts after being notified of their death, according to the Banking Code Compliance Committee.


Top 10 AI Tools in 2023 That Will Make Your Life Easier

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Beginner Guide to CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction) in 2022

Image by vectorjuice on FreepikIn this CJ Affiliate guide, I will share with you everything you need to get started on the platform, I will give you an in-depth look at the network and how it works.You will learn how to earn money with the platform.


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Most Frequently Asked Questions About Affiliate Marketing

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Wall Street Journal

As U.S. Shifts Focus to Russia and China, Islamic State Continues Killing

An anti-Islamic State coalition meets in Saudi Arabia, with a focus on civilian-led efforts and security in Africa.

Job Applicants Can Support a Company's Mission---and Still Ask for More Money

Research suggests that would-be employees fear that negotiating for a higher salary will make them look selfish.

Home Insurers Curb New Policies in Risky Areas Nationally

The pullback goes beyond California and Florida as insurers face climate risks and inflation.

Google to Launch News Showcase in the U.S. This Summer

The company said the long-delayed product would pay more than 150 U.S. news publications to feature their content.

Boston Celtics Co-Owner Lists Home with Two Basketball Courts

Steve Pagliuca’s home in Weston, Mass., is asking $8.999 million…


The End of Influencing on Instagram

Creators are tired of being at the mercy of platforms. What would it take to own their relationship with their audience?

EcoFlow Blade Review: Smart Robot Mower, Silly Glitches

You can eliminate a tedious household task with this robot lawn mower’s satellite navigation smarts, but it brings its own irritations.

Objects in Apple’s Vision Are Closer Than They Appear

This week, we learn what it's like to wear and use Apple's Vision Pro headset. Also, we round up the rest of the news from WWDC.

This Artificial Muscle Moves Stuff on Its Own

Actuators inspired by cucumber plants could make robots move more naturally in response to their environments, or be used for devices in inhospitable places.

All the Ways ChatGPT Can Help You Land a Job

Whether you use ChatGPT, Bard, or Bing, your favorite AI chatbots can help your application stand out from the crowd.


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