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Rick Tousseyn

Published on

February 1, 2024


Marketing Trends, SEO

Elevate your SEO strategy in 2024, by dodging common pitfalls, such as neglecting alt tags for your photos or steering clear of the trap of spreading your content too thin.

#1 Ignoring mobile optimisation

#2 Not doing UX/UI for your blogs

#3 Not having content mapping

#4 Rarely checking for broken links

#5 Skipping alt tags for your photos

#6 Stuffing keywords in your content

#7 Getting as many backlinks as possible

#8 Spreading your content out too thin

#9 Relying 100% on AI to generate your content

#10 Having long and unoptimised URL structures

#11 Ignoring data on how your content performs

#12 Changing your topic pillar without any strategy

#13 Chasing trendy topics that don’t fit your content

#14 Still thinking Fiverr backlinks can help with ranking

#15 No call to action for your readers after finishing a blog

#16 Stuffing cool animation without thinking about page speed

#17 Not optimising your title tags, meta descriptions, and header tags



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