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We Do Digital.

The possibilities in digital are endless. It provides one of the greatest transformation platforms for today’s’ businesses. Digital can fuse creativity, intelligence and measurability for better outcomes.

Whether your business is new to online marketing or your digital marketing agency is not giving you the results you want, LEWIS can help.

As a full-service digital agency, we define digital as a means to understand every digital marketing channel and its purpose in the customer buyer’s journey. We know who uses them, when they are being used and how they work in tandem with your other marketing tactics.

Meeting Business Objectives

A marketing strategy should map to your business goals and brand. This means that the digital marketing campaign for an e-commerce website will be very different from a content marketing campaign designed to complement inbound marketing efforts.

LEWIS provides a high-quality, strategic, and insightful approach to your integrated PR and digital marketing program. The team aligns closely with your in-house team to determine KPIs and marketing objectives and then provides a comprehensive program to meet your goals, including an informed mix of marketing services.

The LEWIS Approach

LEWIS digital marketing services begin with research and analysis. LEWIS conducts channel and audience research using best in class tools to develop a data-driven marketing strategy.

Next, with an understanding of your brand goals and business strategy, we develop targeted content which resonates with target customers and complement advertising and marketing efforts.

LEWIS then designs evergreen marketing and marketing campaigns which include the appropriate mix of media, advertising, and ongoing content creation. Each digital marketing campaign is focused on the customer buyer’s journey – delivering the right content, on the right platforms and channels, as the customer navigates the internet.

For digital marketing services to provide business value, and in turn, provide revenue opportunities, they must be tracked, measured and evaluated to understand trends and garner insights into how the customer journey and path to purchase can be optimized.


We create full-blown digital marketing and brand campaigns. We have creative directors, designers, copywriters, video producers, developers, UX, and rich media experts. These teams are passionate about delivering everything from VR content, social media, advertising campaigns to websites, interactive infographics and animated product videos.

Digital Marketing Services

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Content Marketing

Increase awareness of your brand among target audiences by participating in conversations outside of core brand and solutions topics.​ Develop real-time content to capitalize on trends which will expand brand awareness and post reach. Modify content by channel to best target segmented audiences.

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Social Media

Unlike other social media marketing agencies, LEWIS goes further than just managing social media accounts and social media platforms.

We know a successful social media campaign does more than just drive brand awareness, engagement, and followers, it builds authentic connections.

We deploy and enable social campaigns across all channels of paid, owned and earned media. This includes comprehensive strategic development, program management, listening and sentiment analysis as well as content creation. While working with your in-house team, we drive ROI and map back to your business strategy.

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Paid Social

Paid social media can be an incredibly efficient way of reaching target customers and audiences across social platforms. LEWIS paid social experts prove success by driving consistent results.

Paid social awareness campaigns are used to promote corporate communications efforts, community growth activities, promotion of thought leadership, and traffic driving to the blog. Paid social demand generation campaigns are used to drive qualified traffic to gated assets, promote marketing event sign-ups, and ultimately target segmented audiences and accounts.

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Paid Search

LEWIS partners with your in-house team to provide successful integrated paid media campaigns. In addition to native advertising, LEWIS develops PPC or pay-per-click advertising programs that:

  • – Increase total program leads
  • – Ensuring your brand is effectively targeting the correct keywords for both consumers and channel partners
  • – Drive lead generation at an efficient cost per lead / ROAS
  • – Lower cost per click and cost per lead across all campaigns
  • – Gain and share insights into overall lead quality as direction to integrated marketing efforts
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LEWIS provides a two-phased SEO approach, focusing on increasing brand search visibility before, during and after the site relaunch, and use search engine optimization to support all marketing initiatives to increase awareness of brand and core product offerings.

  • – Mitigate any SEO migration site traffic decreases pre and post launch
  • – Increase brand and non-branded organic search rankings
  • – Improve user experience by implementing technical SEO best practices and on-going site content
  • – Integrate and optimize for integrated marketing campaigns that provide a search informed strategy and top-down optimization approach
  • – Maintain and grow SEO authority and equity
  • Prioritize and deliver SEO roadmaps of quarterly activities
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Analytics programs are designed to maximize data visibility, both tactical and cross-channel performance growth, and actionability of insights & findings.

As it is vitally important to establish a solid data foundation with accuracy & reliability, LEWIS performs an initial audit focusing on checking the degree of accuracy and completeness in marketing & website performance data.

Analytics efforts span across teams and paid media disciplines to ensure a wholistic and informed digital marketing strategy.

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