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Amy Garrick

Published on

January 13, 2022


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TEAM LEWIS Research stayed extremely busy during the second year of the pandemic!

We added two new team members: Susanna Weisskopf, a research analyst, and Kristen Campbell, a research director. Susanna joined in February and Kristen joined in October. Susanna has learned tips, tricks and skills related to data downloading/cleaning, survey programming and secondary research. She has also started to gain confidence in presenting findings to clients, growing into a young professional as this is her first job after graduating college in 2020.

Prior to joining TEAM LEWIS, Kristen was a research director at a market research firm, primarily working with colleges and universities to evaluate demand for academic programs and assess brand awareness. Since joining TEAM LEWIS, Kristen has already supported over 20 new business proposals and led three research projects.

In 2021, TEAM LEWIS Research conducted 23 quantitative research projects and surveyed nearly three times the number of respondents (40,282) compared to 2020 in 43 countries.

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Our average survey length was 13 minutes 35 seconds.

Our projects were in the following industries: automotive, banking, charity work, consumer electronics, FinTech, healthcare, marketing, MarTech, software, technology, telecommunications, and wellness.

The team also conducted 22 other projects, mostly focused on media measurement and social analysis. We assisted on 40+ new business opportunities and RFPs by providing secondary analysis, media measurement and quick turn surveys.

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Sarah and Sidney both received promotions to research managers. Sarah has been doing social listening and social campaign tracking for two clients. She has tracked social mentions and sentiment on Twitter, Reddit, Twitch, TikTok, YouTube, blogs and forums across seven conversation topics weekly to inform the optimization of social content, long-form content, and strategic marketing objectives and goals. She also led a variety of projects for clients delivering strong results for internal and external use. One of the most fun projects she worked on was a user experience (UX) project where we tracked 80 respondents as they went to different automotive websites and navigated the website or car configurator. These results helped the client to see what they could do better as well as what their competitors were doing poorly.

Sidney has continued to lead our media measurement work while taking a larger role in leading projects. She led several brand heartbeat projects this past year and led one of our largest projects for a client of the TEAM LEWIS Foundation. Brand heartbeat projects allow our clients to see how they measure on key brand metrics such as awareness and consideration. The purpose of the TEAM LEWIS foundation client project was to identify changing attitudes and provide data points to support the organization’s advocacy and funding case to government, institutional and individual donors.

The Research Team led our 4th annual MET (Marketing Engagement Tracker) project delivering fascinating insights on marketing engagement and what some of the best companies in the world are failing to do well.

To ensure a continuation of high-quality work, we implemented a complete quality management process this year. This process requires all projects to be led and executed in a systematic way to guarantee quality checks, solid communication and feedback, and useful and informative results.

We are looking forward to 2022 with big goals as our team continues to grow. We want to help ensure our clients have a 360 view of what is going on while looking towards the future to predict what is going to happen next and how to best prepare. Research and insights should be at the foundation of all marketing plans. As our leader, Chris Lewis says,

“Strategy without research is just an opinion.”


Interested in research but don’t know where to begin? Reach out to our research team and let’s talk!

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