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January 27, 2022


TEAM LEWIS is one of the many companies that donate to charity every year. This year they have helped over +500 causes worldwide that are selected by the agency's very own employees. The agency's philanthropic arm doing the donations is called the TEAM LEWIS Foundation. Read more about how this works.

Global marketing agency TEAM LEWIS is completing its first year of a new approach to employee-directed philanthropy. Over the last 12 months, the company and its team has channelled $2,000,000 in cash and creative work to charities across the world. 

Over the last year, TEAM LEWIS Foundation has given every employee the opportunity to nominate a charity to make a cash donation. To date, over 400 employees have participated.  

On top of the cash donation, the Foundation works with team members and their nominated causes on creative projects. Be it research, design, media relations, filmmaking, copywriting, or anything in between, TEAM LEWIS Foundation has donated countless hours to help causes achieve their goals. For example, short-form documentaries with charities such as Flint Public Art ProjectJulian Campbell Foundation and Music Man Project to help bring their story to a wider audience.  

Samuel Dean, CEO of TEAM LEWIS Foundation said: “We started this because so many local charities are in trouble right now. They need support. They are the beating heart of our community.”   

“The Foundation has given money to causes our team believes in but, what I am most proud of is the creative work we thrown in for free. So many have worked in collaboration with the causes they nominated. When you have energy, creativity, positivity, and passion, you can make a difference. This is core to our company culture.” 

Already, in 2022 the Foundation is working on creative projects with the likes of Elton John Aids FoundationHeforSheThe Music Man ProjectHigh Fives Foundation,  Umbrella Dementia Cafés, CoppaFeel,  Refugee Cafe,  Coeurs en Scèneand many more.  

“We may be over the worst of the pandemic, but its impact on our communities remains. Many of the charities we work with are facing uncertain futures. TEAM LEWIS Foundation will continue to fight for the causes and communities our people cherish. We will support more causes in 2022 and we will build on what we have done in 2021”, Dean added. 

For more information on the TEAM LEWIS Foundation please read our latest Impact Report: 

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