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Maha Ayash

Published on

March 26, 2024


Ramadan, the holy month determined by the lunar calendar, marks a period where Muslims worldwide observe fasting from dawn until sunset.  With the increase in marketing activities during Ramadan, brands must navigate a crowded landscape to capture consumer attention effectively. Standing out amidst the noise requires careful planning and thoughtful execution. It’s important to deliver messages that resonate with the audience without overwhelming or intruding on their Ramadan experience. 

Our team conducted a survey to delve into consumer behavior during this time, revealing some significant insights: 

  • 75% of individuals pay heightened attention to advertisements during Ramadan. 
  • 45% are inclined to make purchases after encountering campaigns dedicated to Ramadan. 
  • Optimal engagement times are post-iftar and late evening, aligning with the routines of the faithful. 
  • Even brands outside the Food & Beverage sector can develop culturally significant and pertinent content. 

To craft an effective marketing strategy during Ramadan, it’s crucial to communicate with your target audience in a respectful manner, particularly concerning heartfelt topics like Ramadan and religious holidays. Here are some expert tips: 

  • Steer clear of stereotypes to ensure messages are appropriate and respectful. 
  • Generate content that mirrors the values and traditions of the faithful, such as offering recipes for evening meals or tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle during Ramadan. 
  • Demonstrate solidarity through charitable initiatives or donations to dedicated associations. 

Ramadan Consumer Behavior Survey

Discover the Ramadan Consumer Behaviors study.

Several exemplary marketing strategies during Ramadan showcase innovative approaches: 

Piccadilly Circus illuminated its space with 30,000 sustainable lights for Ramadan 2024, symbolizing a celebration of diversity, according to London Mayor Sadiq Khan.   

Uber Eats devised a DOOH campaign aimed at celebrating Ramadan, specifically targeting Iftar. As fasting concludes at sunset for every believer, this moment varies from city to city and day to day. Thus, the concept emerged to roll out the upcoming Iftar campaign, providing real-time updates on sunset times. This initiative serves as a reminder to worshippers in major English cities, facilitating swift and convenient booking for their Iftar meals, ultimately saving time on dinner preparation. 

 An invitation from Aldo 

This Ramadan, the ALDO clothing group presents a collection that prioritizes comfort while maintaining style, quality, and innovation. Leading the campaign is Myriam Fares, a celebrated Middle Eastern superstar and advocate for the brand’s core values of solidarity, inclusivity, and the freedom of self-expression. 

Entitled “Everyone’s Invited,” the launch campaign is now active across all major ALDO platforms, including social media, physical stores, and outdoor advertising. The goal is to embrace the spirit of the holiday and share a message of joy throughout the sacred month of Ramadan. 


Ramadan Fashion Campaigns 

Maison Valentino “In the Light” 

Maison Valentino debuts its inaugural capsule collection for Ramadan in the Middle East. Titled “In the Light, the collection cleverly plays with lights and shadows, highlighting light as the common thread and pivotal element uniting the Muslim community in their journey from dawn to dusk throughout Ramadan. 

Stella McCartney Dresses in pink 

Meanwhile, Stella McCartney introduced the Rose Capsule, a Ramadan-centric collection centered around the color pink, which holds significance in Islam as a symbol of love and divine beauty. Drawing from the S/S 2024 collection, the garments are thoughtfully adapted to embrace modest fashion. 


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