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Integrated Marketing: Go Ahead. Have It All.

Why An Integrated Marketing Agency? 

Integrated marketing is a channel-agnostic approach that prioritizes business outcomes and creates a multi-channel approach to achieve them. TEAM LEWIS is an integrated marketing agency, meaning we collaborate across the agency and with our clients to enact a holistic marketing strategy that ties directly to measurable outcomes. Why opt for just social media management, creative blog content, or paid media when you can have it all? 

We’re not a set-it-and-forget-it kind of agency. We monitor every marketing strategy and creative campaign to make sure it’s working for your business. Our process begins with insights from our in-house research and performance marketing experts to identify market context and opportunities. Each strategy is wrapped by a measurement framework, identifying KPIs that support real business outcomes. Our digital experts dive deeply into channel execution, while our performance marketing team monitors progress against your specific KPIs, preparing us to make timely and analytics-informed adjustments to ensure your success. 

Our Vast Experience Sets Us Apart 

TEAM LEWIS is a global public relations and integrated marketing agency that can be your partner in everything from content creation across multiple platforms to PR crisis management. Not only do we help you with your current needs, but we quickly pivot to achieve whatever success looks like for you in the future. We smash the status quo to:  

  • Capture target audiences 
  • Increase quality leads at any stage of the sales funnel 
  • Boost engagement 
  • Build brand awareness 
  • Solidify your brand identity 
  • Drive results 

Your customers are scattered across platforms and engage differently with various assets. TEAM LEWIS integrated digital marketing services can reach them all. Everything we do results in action. 

We Specialize in:

Driving B2B & B2C Results

Whether you manufacture robots or sell toothpaste to pet parents, TEAM LEWIS strategists, specialists, generalists, and digital experts will always customize an integrated marketing approach to your industry and goals.  

Contact us or check out TEAM LEWIS Magazine to learn more about our integrated digital and PR services and how they join forces to bring creative marketing campaigns to life. 

Our Consumer Campaigns