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Lou Greeves

Published on

July 26, 2023


influencer marketing, Social Media, TikTok, TikTok Marketing

Are influencers and content creators the same? Let’s demystify it together.  

Digital or content creators, to put it simply, create content. TikTok is filled with content creators, that have an objective to create unique and authentic content. A little bit like Monet and Picasso, they were both painters, but their style was very distinct.  

Digital creators are normally the ones who create guides, tips and tutorials, beautiful imagery and engaging videos, in their own very unique way. Their content seems to be perceived as high-quality because creating that content is the sole purpose of digital creators. They tend to have highly engaged audiences, even if not large. 

Influencers have a different purpose in mind when creating content. Their main objective is to grow their personal brand (or account) and to influence their audience according to their own beliefs. This might be translated into the influencer  way of thinking or of life (being a vegetarian or minimalist). In a more commercial sense, influence to do or buy something based on their experiences/preferences. 

Influencers are normally the ones that simply share their lives, while at the same time promoting the products/services they use along the way . They’re the ones that share affiliate links to offer discounts to their followers and tag on every video the brands they use/buy. Their content normally reaches many people, but not necessarily has the most engaged audiences 

A few things to remember:

  1. There are different tiers of Influencers and Creators
  2. Think about the person’s engagement rate
  3. Get clued up on the TikTok influencer and creator rates

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