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February 24, 2023


Donates cash & professional time. Wins awards for originality & creative content.

TEAM LEWIS has completed the second year of a unique, employee-directed program. TEAM LEWIS Foundation has supported over a thousand causes globally, with all staff participating, some multiple times. 

The scheme incentivises 600 staff worldwide to donate at least £1,000 to a cause of their choice on behalf of the Foundation. Since launching in 2021 over a million of cash has been donated alongside award-winning creative work.  

Teams have worked on major projects with the Ukrainian Warrior Games team, The Music Man Project, Julian Campbell Foundation and the High Fives Foundation, to name just a few.    

Samuel Dean, CEO of the Foundation said: “We created this foundation to break the mould of standard CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programs. What it does is simple – it gets cash into causes chosen by our colleagues and it does it directly, quickly and then follows up with further support.” 

“Using our expertise, energy and creativity to make a difference makes us a better people. It touches every part of the company. In current circumstances, many of our causes are in desperate need of support.”  

The Foundation’s Impact Report highlights the key milestones and achievements. Read the full report:

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