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October 7, 2016


This Week in Social

In This Week in Social, Pinterest rolls of video ads, Facebook invites a marketplace disaster, Twitter buy-out chatter continues, and more. Catch up below!


Periscope On Profiles

Earlier this week, Twitter added a new Periscope display option for profiles. The new link provides quick access to users’ Periscope presence.

Twitter Acquisition

With Twitter increasingly looking like a buy-out target – what would an acquisition mean for marketers? Find out…


Messenger Day

Here’s another app competing with Snapchat; Facebook Messengers’ Messenger Day launched earlier this week, and is uncanny to the broadcast platform’s ‘Snapchat Stories’ feature.

To Bot, Or Not To Bot?

Here are some thoughts for brands on why and how they should take advantage of Facebook Messenger bots.

Video & Visual

Film N’ Pin

Pinterest has just rolled out video ads to UK brands – check out why your video content should be pinned in future campaigns.

Social Winners

Facebook For Retail

A recent study has revealed that 92% of retailers are investing in social marketing, and Facebook is the leading platform!

Social Losers

Get It On The Black Market(Place)

Facebook’s newly launched ebay-esque ‘Marketplace’ accidentally became an online trading spot for all things unsavory.

Star Wars Fail
On so many levels…

Manchester Police
There’s no hiding that this was a bad idea….

Grindr on #VPDebate
An example of how not to be funny and topical…

Creative Spot

Hunting Escobar
Netflix, Twitch and Facebook recently gave German Narcos fans the opportunity to hunt the illusive Pablo Escobar, live!

Check out this French Instagram account, it’s not what it may seem…

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