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Jordan Froud

Published on

June 29, 2018


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Analysis: There’s Something About Reddit

As Facebook announces it’s starting to reassess how it displays its news on people’s feeds with the removal of the ‘Trending’ news box, Reddit, the often-controversial forum-style social platform unveils a dedicated news tab on its iOS app.

This skew towards a more traditional platform feature is hot off the heels of its recent website design overhaul showing that, after years of maintaining a consistently unchanged platform, the social site is starting to rapidly pivot to more mainstream features. 

But as the still relatively niche social platform starts to appeal to a wider demographic, it’s starting to look more and more like its competitors. Reddit’s recent redesign may have irked some of its more loyal users, but it’s streamlined appearance has more in common with a Facebook news feed than it does a traditional forum design.

This isn’t a trend solely isolated to Reddit, the increased homogenisation of social platforms is becoming more apparent. Instagram’s IGTV brings the photo-app more in line with YouTube whilst Snapchat’s controversial update streamlined its focus on news and influencers in hopes to challenge Instagram and Twitter.

As the lines that separated these once unique apps begin to blur, how are users going to react? If all platforms have video streaming, news and picture-based features, it will come down to each apps individual elements and design features that maintain and engage their user base. But these respective traits are under threat if every app adopts them.

The changes these platforms are making are having mixed results. Instagram and Reddit’s users are growing, but Snapchat and Facebook have seen large dips in the 16-25 age demographic. This could be illustrative of how the abundance of similar features are driving young people to choose their preferred app and start to leave others behind.

In terms of digital marketing in the UK, Reddit is never really mentioned in the same conversation as its social media cousins, however, as of Feb 2018, the site was ranked as the #3 most visited site in the U.S. where it actually overtook Facebook. In the world tally, the site ranks at #6 most visited and with 542 million monthly visitors, these stats are hardly anything to scoff at.

Despite this, the site represents an anomaly in the social media world due to the fact that users generally prefer to remain anonymous rather than use it to connect with friends and family. While this may remain a USP for many internet users, it’s a minefield for marketers. Users are known to actively dislike any type of obvious advertising or marketing, especially when brands attempt to self-promote by faking interest in topics and posts.

Whilst most platforms simply ignore user distaste for adverts, Reddit’s unique aggregating system means that any obvious ad can be down-voted into oblivion, never to be seen from again. To avoid this, brands will have to create content that adds value to their target consumers. Any spam or posts with product links can result in moderators banning accounts so instead, brands should naturally interact with audiences of relevant “subreddits” whilst remaining on brand.

There certainly is an opportunity to take advantage of Reddit’s audience but it’s a world away from the heavily strategised juggernauts like Instagram. But as Reddit moves towards more marketing friendly services and design, marketers may soon be able to see the platform as a viable option to invest in. As social apps are starting to all lookalike, it may be time to start hedging your bets on whether or not the future of digital marketing is in a singular platform.

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