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LG Information Display


Amsterdam / Eindhoven


B2B, Technology


Employee Advocacy

Leveraging LG Employee Networks

LG is known as a supplier of household equipment and consumer tech products such as smartphones and innovative flat screens, but they are also the market leader in climate solutions and solar panels. TEAM LEWIS supports LG on most of these product groups with a broad range of campaigns, varying from PR to social media and marketing support.

LG Information Display (ID) offers digital signage solutions to companies that want to stand out from the crowd. It offers a wide range of solutions, from small information screens for narrowcasting to enormous tradeshow displays with multiple connected OLED displays.


For LG ID, we’ve built a campaign focused on content creation, developing content around new products, updates of existing products, and corporate and client news tailor-made for their target audiences. The content is created in various formats, including event reports, social media content, webinars, videos, written case studies and blog posts.

We helped LG disseminate the content at a European level to their target audiences. In addition to reach, engagement is also a very important criterion in how we measure the success of that outreach. We issued the content via press releases and on LG’s corporate social and digital channels and have also started to use LG’s own senior team as advocates. For that purpose, we have developed the LG ID Employee Advocacy program, involving a team of 15 international LG sales professionals who distribute content in their networks. These professionals are active in  10 markets: Belgium, Germany, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Spain.

For the LG Employee Advocacy program, we develop weekly content based on the corporate content. We give them angles and tips to improve the shared content and analyze the results constantly. To motivate the team we hand out a quarterly award to the ambassador with the best results.

Results (6 months)

2 million



Unique clicks



The content that we share via the ambassadors performs 400 times better than the content placed on the corporate pages. The click/share ratio is 1.5 times better and the reaction/share ratio four times better than the average Employee Advocacy program, according to Smarp, the tool we use to support this program.


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