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Tanichka Achan

Published on

December 8, 2022


technology, UI/UX, UX Design

During a recession, most businesses will face pressures beyond their control. However, this is also the right time for business leaders to double down on what they can control. One of the key ways to strengthen your business in an economic downturn is to review your marketing strategies and find effective ways of utilising your budget.

A great place to start is making sure your user experience (UX) is optimised through great design, which can often result in your brand having a competitive edge over the competition. These days, consumers or end-users have become more sophisticated and comfortable with technology, and their expectations for user experience have changed. It is necessary for designers to constantly find for new ways to produce a smooth and positive experience whether they are developing a website, mobile app, or even a virtual or augmented reality experience.

Here are three reasons why great UI/UX design can bring value to your business.

#1 Improving brand reputation and affinity

In a highly digital world, it’s important to keep in mind that your user interface (UI) is often what creates the first impression of your brand and the user experience (UX)design that determines if you can retain the user’s attention. Think of UI as your shop front and UX as the layout and flow of your store.

As the saying goes, first impressions always count. According to research from Zendesk, one bad experience can result in up to 61% of customers taking their business elsewhere.

If users find your product easy to use and hassle-free, they will continue to keep coming back to it and even better, spread the word to their friends and family on your website or app’s effectiveness. Extra attention in this area is essential in challenging times.

#2 Effective UX design can increase revenue

There have been numerous studies that show businesses can achieve better ROI by investing in stronger UX design. According to Forrester, companies who invest in creating better user-focused experiences see greater customer loyalty, and increased revenue. Based on the analyst firm’s recent report, on average every $1 invested into UX results in a return of $100, that’s an ROI of 10,000%. Businesses that can deliver a UI/UX design that is interactive, engaging and easy to navigate ultimately make people stay longer on their sites and remove any barriers to purchase.

#3 Ability to measure results

Unlike traditional marketing methods, good UI/UX can be measured with a variety of metrics. Stop guessing and understand exactly what happens when users land on your site or when they drop off. The data can be extracted, analysed and further refined to improve  the customer journey on your site. In their book “Designing with Data”, King and Churchill explain that data capture, management, and analysis are the best way to bridge between design, user experience, and business relevance.

As a potential global recession looms, companies, no matter the size, need to do more with less to protect customer loyalty and retention. Given the current business climate, it is necessary for businesses to be on the offense. They must do more and, as the above shows, investing in quality design pays off while also saving time and money.

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