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Mitchell Pereira and Qian Hui

Published on

December 3, 2022


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Fuel Your Imagination, F.Y.I., is a blog series devoted to analysing and understanding the multiverse of content marketing. Our team of content marketing specialists break down content strategy concepts, into practical bite-sized tips and tricks for you, in order to inspire and guide you to create more effective content. In this edition, we show you simple ways to make the most of the content you create.

We all know that content is expensive to create – not just in monetary terms, but also the time and manpower that’s invested from conceptualisation to adding the bells and whistles on the final output. That’s why we believe in finding as many ways as possible to make the most for each individual piece of content created.

Build content with adaptations and extensions in mind.

In truth, most content pieces already have the potential to be spliced and adapted into new content executions. It just takes a touch of prior planning in the creation process.

This not only stretches your marketing dollar but also helps provide different ways for a message to be conveyed to your target audience. Through different key message pillars and narrative touchpoints, there are more opportunities for relevance and engagement, in turn extending the shelf-life of a single content piece.

While it would be best for all possible extensions to be planned during the creation process, on some occasions, you may also be able to extend an existing piece of content that’s already been created. In this edition of F.Y.I, we look at what you can do with an existing brand video.

Simple Brand Video Extension

Most videos will broadly feature themes of your brand, it’s benefit and your product. With these three elements in mind, you can effectively repurpose the existing video into snappier extensions that engage your target audience with more thumb-stopping content for your brand, depending on their current perception of it.

Here’s a demonstration of how this can be done through a set of clips from a would-be brand video of a range of VR headsets from a fictional brand, ’TEAM LEWIS VR’.

Your Brand

Most video content pieces already open with the brand as the first thing an audience sees. For audiences with a level of brand loyalty, placing your brand up front encourages them to continue watching your video through to the end. This provides a higher chance of them clicking or following through with your call-to-action.

In the brand video, the brand “TEAM LEWIS VR” is the first thing that the audience sees, followed by a clear shot of the product that could be new or improved, before wrapping up with the key benefit it brings.

The Benefit

To target a new audience that hasn’t heard of your brand before, placing the benefit of your product or service up front allows you to effectively communicate the problem it solves in the first 2 seconds of the video. This enables you to promote the possible positive experience to potential consumers that may be looking for the solutions your brand offers.

In the benefit video, the benefit “Experience Immersive Entertainment” is the first thing your audience sees. It is followed with the brand to align the experience to your company before closing with an undisturbed shot of the product that brings this positive benefit to the audience.

The Product

Many consumers tend to compare products online and are often served targeted ads based on their digital footprint. To increase the visibility of your product to such an audience, you’ll want to ensure that your product is the first thing seen, before going further into what it does and who you are.

In the product video, the product features without copy obstructions to gives the audience a good clear look at the item before they’re shown the benefit of what this particularly product delivers followed by the brand to add recall.

While the examples shared are for a consumer tech product, this effective method of extending existing video content through the different key messages can be applied in content for a variety of industries in the B2B sector as well.

Extended Possibilities

The extension of video content is just scratching the surface of how far a piece of content can really go. From digital articles that lay the foundation to a podcast miniseries, to whitepapers repurposed for motion-graphic clips, and static key visuals converted into AR filters – the possibilities are endless. So, don’t miss the chance to have your content stay fresh for longer, and be more relevant for the different segments of your target audience with the next piece that your brand creates.

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