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Kate Ainslie

Published on

July 30, 2020


Social Media

In this edition of Social Tech Updates – we touch on Apple’s crippling announcement on IDFA and its impact on the digital advertising industry, LinkedIn’s latest video offering, and TikTok’s plans for monetization in the months ahead.

Apple’s WWDC Announcement – Introduction of IOS 14

Source: Unsplash

During Apple’s WWDC last month, the brand talked about its ongoing commitment to user privacy and revealed that developers will now be required to disclose the information collected as part of their digital advertising. Developers will have to detail the information their apps collects and whether they are sharing data with other companies that track user activity, for example Facebook and Google.

There was speculation that Apple’s Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) could be on the way, after they introduced intelligent tracking prevention (ITP) on Safari, blocking third party tracking cookies. The IDFA is the only way advertisers are able to target and track users within apps on iOS devices and attribute ad spend. However, with the introduction of iOS 14 this will be significantly restricted. From September, if an app wants to use the IDFA, iOS will display this dialogue box to mobile users, of which most users will most likely not allow.

This means advertisers will have to seek alternative ways to manage their in-app campaigns, presenting a huge hurdle for many, in particular Facebook and Google. Apple however, has been working on a new privacy-safe framework for mobile attribution called SKAdNetwork which will allow advertisers to identify which ads are driving results without revealing which specific devices/people took the desired action. So whilst the IDFA is not officially dead, this announcement will fundamentally change the measurement of mobile advertising.

Launch of LinkedIn Stories

Source: LinkedIn

LinkedIn recently released their new Stories feature. Australia is the first market in APAC to trial the format. Following the success of Stories on Instagram and Facebook, LinkedIn wanted to provide professionals with a more creative and engaging way of sharing content with their network. This is an important and timely move considering connectivity has never been more important as many workers are separated from their physical workplace. LinkedIn Stories allows an individual profile or admin of a page to post 20-second videos or images via the mobile app. This allows users to keep things professional while demonstrating personality. LinkedIn has seen a strong increase in number of users on the platform globally. At this stage, the format is only available to members and select LinkedIn Pages located in Australia, Brazil, France, the Netherlands, and the UAE. However will the feature will be released more widely across multiple markets very soon.

Tik Tok Open For Business

Source: TikTok

TikTok has announced their new platform “TikTok for Business” designed to help brands grow targeted campaigns, optimised for a sound-on mobile environment. The new site provides resources to marketers and inspiration to develop ad formats such as TopView, Brand Takeovers, In-feed Videos, and Hashtag Challenges. Also announcing a partnership with AR branded effect, TikTok now allows brands to insert themselves directly into the content creation experience. Another new initiative is the Creator Marketplace platform that has been launched in select regions, allowing brands to discover and partner with TikTok content creators on paid campaigns. Universal Pictures, Colgate, Vodafone and Mercedes are all brands TikTok has worked with and we will continue to see demand increase as more advertisers experience the cost-efficient formats the platform has to offer.

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