Brand Equity has never been more important to companies, but discovering the true value of your brand has always taken a lot of time at significant cost. Not anymore.

LEWIS launched its Brand Heartbeat service to provide strategy and insights to marketing, PR and digital teams when time is of the essence. Using its proprietary methodology, LEWIS can create brand equity reports, in as little as three weeks, to ensure that the research can advise strategy in real time.

LEWIS Brand Heartbeat creates brand equity reports when time is of the essence.

How It Can Help

Some of the questions LEWIS Brand Heartbeat research can help answer:


  • Who is aware of our brand?
  • What are the overall perceptions of the brand and its products/services?
  • Which attribute best describes our brand?
  • Which topics are most commonly associated with the brand in the minds of our customers?
  • How are prospective customers making buying decisions when it comes to our products or services?

Want to know more?

We provide two options for the Brand Heartbeat service:

  1. Quarterly reports are used to provide campaign strategy, and to track overall marketing effectiveness
  2. Annual reports will serve as the basis for strategic planning, and provide the insights needed to increase awareness and sales

Whether you are launching a new marketing campaign, going through a website redesign or just want to check the pulse of your organization’s brand, LEWIS has the options that fit your need.

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