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Purnima Balraju

Published on

February 11, 2021


digital marketing, SEO, website

Google announced a major update to their ranking algorithm that will go live in May 2021. So, what does this mean for your website and how would this affect your current SERP ranking?

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Google’s Upcoming Algorithm Update: Page Experience

What is it?

A collection of factors aimed at measuring the UX of your website. In essence, it is about how pleasant it is to use your site and the utility of the content. For example, the update will look to see if your page loads quickly, if interactive elements like CTA buttons are functioning, and if your site features current and useful content that keeps your audience coming back for more.

A brief history of Google algorithm updates

Google algorithm updates penalize or reward SEO efforts. For example, the first major Google update, Panda, penalized keyword stuffing in the copy.

So how does this affect your website?

With the rollout of the Page Experience update, Google intends on ranking sites with seamless UX, fast site speed, and great content. Creating content on your website that creates an intuitive experience will make it easier to rank on the first page of Google. While Google’s algorithm is calculated based on different factors with varied weight, it may not be something to worry about. However, if you are lacking in a few of the ranking factors, it could put a dent in your SERP rank.

To be users’ #1 search engine choice, Google’s upcoming update is geared towards rewarding sites with relevant content and an intuitive design.

Companies that will be most likely impacted by the update are those in a niche industry or a highly competitive environment.

Why should you care about this update?

Site traffic is the highest with a #1 SERP and the click through rate drops by 50% with a #2 position. Optimizing for the most relevant keywords is insufficient. Meeting the Page Experience signals helps your page to rank higher organically. This helps you to:

  • Save costs from doing paid search and invest it in other meaningful marketing activities
  • Build trust and credibility from being ranked on first page
  • Generate traffic, engagement, and conversions

What can you do now?

Here are 3 things you can do to prepare for the update and make your site more SEO-friendly:

  1. Identify high-value landing pages
  2. Understand the key issues specific to your website
  3. Compare your user experience to that of your competitors

To start off, doing an SEO audit to look at your site’s Core Web Vitals helps to pinpoint key areas for improvement and the performance of your website compared to others within your industry.

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