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May 3, 2020


LEWIS news

Global content delivery network leader, Limelight Networks, chooses LEWIS to drive international brand awareness in Europe, following successful partnership in APAC

Limelight Networks Inc. (NASDAQ: LLNW), a leading provider of a leading provider of edge cloud services, has appointed LEWIS, the global marketing and communications agency, as its international agency of record for Europe and APAC. The appointment follows a very successful partnership in APAC, in which LEWIS is the regional lead agency. Limelight Networks will harness LEWIS’ network of wholly owned offices for additional projects.

Founded in 2001, Limelight Networks is a global leader in delivering the highest quality online video experiences and edge-enabled workflows. Limelight Networks has successfully helped launch and grow the largest video properties in the world, and is on the forefront of enabling a new generation of applications that will disrupt markets and change our world.

LEWIS has been working with Limelight Networks in APAC for over two years, where it is the regional lead based in Singapore, coordinating teams in India, Japan and South Korea. The company decided to consolidate its EMEA and APAC agency roster, and after a review, appointed LEWIS. The international agency will provide an ongoing communications programme and project support. LEWIS hit the ground running with the launch of one of Limelight Network’s annual industry reports, The State of Online Gaming, delivering extensive media coverage.

Andrew Gray, Marketing Director, EMEA, Limelight Networks, said, “We wanted to simplify our global agency roster in order to create a consolidated team with a unified goal, and having reviewed, were very impressed by LEWIS. They demonstrated a clear vision for our business, strong creative and the ability to execute. We knew they would take us to the next level, and in just a few weeks of working together can already see we made the right choice.”

Giles Peddy, SVP EMEA, LEWIS, said, “The chance to expand our partnership from a strong base in APAC into Europe was very exciting. The ability to combine strategic thinking, global collaboration and strong execution is something few international agencies get right, but we are already doing it for Limelight Networks. They are in a very exciting sector and as digital experiences become more and more important to many brands, we look forward to the growth and expansion of their business.”

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