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Tracy Liu

Published on

June 23, 2021


public relations

Everyday, PR practitioners create content for brands. From press releases to byline articles, customer case studies to white papers, even for the most experienced, creating great content can still be a challenge.

So how do you build great PR content and what elements should you consider? Keep in mind these five tips:

#1 Start Strong

As the saying goes, “A good start is half the battle”, so make sure you put a lot of energy into your introduction. Riding on a hot topic is a quick and effective way to do this. Hot topics will help grab the attention of readers quickly, while increasing the odds of having your piece picked up by the media. However, not all hot topics can be ‘trend-jacked’. Opt for positive topics or trends that are most relevant for your brand or industry.

#2 Stick With The Facts

Whatever topic you address, remember that you are still delivering your brand message and conveying your brand image. Therefore, always ensure that you stay objective and factual. This means paying close attention to the credibility of your source and its timeliness.

#3 Keep It Simple

We must try our best to express complex corporate strategies, technical principles, and product features in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. It is also recommended to use visual metaphors to establish a cognitive connection with readers and cater to the needs of readers with different levels of understanding. You should also avoid using long sentences as much as possible.

#4 Include Quotes

Quotes from a public figure can help add depth and strengthen your content. Doing so can highlight the brand’s thought leadership in the industry and even build a connection with your the target audience. Quotes can be included anywhere throughout your content piece, but can be more powerful at the end depending on the content of the specific article.

#5 Reinforce key messaging through repetition

If you listen to the speeches that have captivated audiences, you will find that most of them contain repetitive phrases. Take for instance Martin Luther King’s famous “I have a dream” speech. “I have a dream” and “Now is the time” is repeated throughout, and even today, it is still lauded as one of the most perfect speeches. The same is true for PR content. Reinforcing key messages through repetition can strengthen key information.

Ultimately, there is no science to writing PR content. Everyone has their own writing style and every reader has their own reading preferences.

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