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Purnima Balraju

Published on

March 12, 2021


Audio Marketing, Social Media, Sonic Branding

A New Meaning To Social Listening

Source from left to right: TechCrunch, HowtoGeek, The Verge

Social media is now going audio – this is not new if you’ve heard how the pandemic accelerated the popularity of podcasts. Now with Clubhouse, you can do more. Get direct access to your target audience and an opportunity to engage with them through invite-only interviews and discussions.

Clubhouse is not the only social audio app. Social Media giants like Twitter is rolling out ‘Spaces’, Facebook is creating a rival app to Clubhouse, and true to Instagram’s visual roots, ‘Live Rooms’ was launched earlier this month.

Potential Impact of Social Going Sonic

Consumers don’t just buy a brand – they consume the ideas behind the brand. Apps like Clubhouse is a valuable platform for brands to start conversations, co-create content with partners and opinion leaders, instead of being a part of the conversation.

How Leverage Apps Like Clubhouse

Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images

Clubhouse, Spaces, and Live Rooms are in a pre-revenue phase. Get first-mover advantage to direct the conversation and establish your brand as an industry leader. Clubhouse CEO Paul Davison revealed that in January 2021 alone, weekly active users had increased to 2 million. Once it becomes available to Android users, the reach across APAC will be wide and deep.

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