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Skyscanner came with a challenge. How could we innovate and change the perception of a traditional research piece: the annual Skyscanner Travel Trends report? The campaign had to be replicated in eleven markets in multiple languages.


We created a Skyscanner Travel Trends Departure Lounge in the Metaverse. This was a virtual environment that took users through the report in virtual reality. It brought to life the key elements of VR technology, interactive experiences, encouraging exploration and downloads. This metaverse virtual space was launched at media events with assets including releases, owned content and social posts.


The result was a one-of-a-kind browser, digital world and virtual reality experience that underpinned all of the Skyscanner reports globally. This was a different and more engaging way to host events and for journalists to receive information. News of the virtual world produced over four hundred pieces of coverage across eleven territories with a reach of over 166 million people. The owned content pieces from Skyscanner produced over 80,000 page views.

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