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September 10, 2015


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This budgeting season, marketing teams are once again being asked to do more with less.

Increasing awareness of marketing’s contribution to wider business objectives means every pound allocated towards marketing efforts needs to be attributed to direct results that impact the company’s bottom line.

As a marketer, if you are about to undertake your planning and budget exercise for the year (or perhaps you are in the latter stages of finalising your budget), be sure to consider these proven approaches for getting maximum value from your marketing spend.

1. Content, content, content.
70% of B2B marketers say they are creating more content – and the trend is set to continue. Budgeting for content, and planning content creation into your marketing calendar will drive results throughout the year.

2. Target your audience with influencer marketing.
Influencer relations marketing requires long-term thinking, but by reaching your audience at key points in the buying cycle, influencers can provide excellent return on investment.

3. Maximizing reporting and monitoring.
How do you know you’re providing ROI without measuring? Effectively measuring and capturing new visitors is the first step to turning prospects into paying customers.

Updated for 2017, our marketing budget white paper contains more than 10 essential tips which are guaranteed to help stretch your marketing budget. The white paper includes:

  • Key reasons not to skimp on content creation
  • Turning your spokespeople into assets
  • Nurturing your brand ambassadors
  • Engaging with influencer marketing
  • Finding your rich seam of data – and how to use it
  • Eliminating bad event habits
  • Maximising reporting and monitoring investments
  • Preventing your website from leaking leads
  • Getting smart about SEO
  • Starting a social advertising program
  • Making your marketing truly global

Get ready for budget season by downloading 10+ Proven Ways to Stretch Your Marketing Budget.​

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