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Rachel Pritchard

Published on

November 13, 2015


This Week in Social

This Week in Social has brought a raft of Facebook updates, nice bot, bad crops and much, much more.


Liking ‘Likes’ Up By 6%
After the first week of using hearts instead of stars, Twitter has seen a 6% increase in ‘like’ activity for existing users, and 9% for new users.


Facebook Notify
In a move that unites Facebook users’ news notifications and alerts, the new Notify app creates one live stream that lives on the smartphone’s lock screen.

Facial Recognition Plans
The facial recognition technology used by Facebook will one day help parents monitor and control who is sharing photos of their children.

Photo Magic
In an experiment with it’s messenger feature, Facebook is trailing a way for users to search the cameral rolls to find photos of their friends.


Instagram Is King
Recent research indicates that Instagram is outpacing Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and even celebrities as ‘the most influential social marketing tool’ in targeting consumers.

Pinterest’s Visual Search
Can’t quite put into words what you’re looking for? Pinterest is adding a new ‘visual search’ tool that harnesses deep learning technology that allows users to look for images, with images.

Snapping Up Video Views
Snapchat has recently hit the six billion video views milestone. This means the gap between the start-up platform and Facebook is narrowing, and fast!

YouTube Music: Game Changer
Just launched; the YouTube Music app is available in both a free, ad-supported mode as well as a powerful additional feature to those who are paying for the latest YouTube Red subscription.

Social Winners

NiceBot on Twitter
In a bid to combat cyberbullying, Champions Against Bullying are spreading the love one Tweet at a time with @TheNiceBot.

Taco Celebration
In preparation for the new taco emoji, Taco Bell created 600 GIFs and photos for one huge social media campaign.

Social Losers

Watch The Crop
Always. Watch. The crop.

Creative Spots

To celebrate the new Tomb Raider game, Xbox have testing the will of eight individuals to stand on a small plinth on the ‘Survival Billboard’ for twenty-four hours. Streamed on Twitch, viewers controlled the wether conditions.

360 Good Morning World
Coffee brand, Nescafe has unveiled a 360-degree Facebook ad campaign to create “real connections” with millennial consumers.

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