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April 4, 2017


employee activate, employee engagement

LEWIS announced a strategic partnership with Smarp, the fast-growing Software-as-a-Service provider responsible for one of the leading employee advocacy platforms worldwide.

The partnership allows LEWIS to expand its recently launched Employee Activate product by offering clients a real-time content, curation, amplification and measurement platform that will enable them to further increase the impact of their employee advocacy programmes.

The agency’s employee advocacy offering, launched in late 2016, helps clients use their most important marketing asset: their employees. Employee Activate programmes enable clients to mobilise employees to be brand ambassadors via their own social channels. The partnership with Smarp offers LEWIS’ clients the tools they need to make it even easier to manage and use content throughout their employee network, increase employee engagement, drive exposure and build brand awareness.

Not only does the Smarp platform make it easier for employees to become their brand’s storyteller, it provides the means to measure the success of Employee Activate programmes. Smarp provides insights into conversion rates, participation, contributors, content reach and how much traffic was generated because of it. The platform also uses gamification to make participation fun, engaging and rewarding for employees.

Lars Ingerslev, VP at Smarp, said: “Delivering an amazing employee experience should be the focal point of all programmes and activations. Our easy-to-use tools will help LEWIS further roll-out its employee advocacy offering. Making that experience memorable, and more importantly, convenient for employees to share content, is crucial to deliver real value to the business. LEWIS Employee Activate perfectly taps into what both clients and their employees need to tell their stories.”

Michael Brito, SVP at LEWIS, added: “Having the right tools to make it easy for employees to engage with your brand is at the core of a successful employee advocacy programme. Thanks to this partnership with Smarp, we are able to make it even easier for our clients to turn their employees into brand advocates and achieve their business goals.”

LEWIS has developed Employee Activate to assist its clients with operationalising employee advocacy programmes that mobilise content and workforce communications. This includes establishing policies and workflows, developing and managing employee-driven content marketing strategies, integrating those stories across paid, earned and owned media, defining KPIs and selecting first-class supporting technology platforms.

In addition to Smarp, LEWIS collaborates with Dynamic Signal. Both platforms are available to clients today.

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