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Rachel Rayner

Published on

January 4, 2016


advertising, agency, agency life, creativity, digital, public relations, Social Media

Most people make the same New Years resolutions. Spend more time with loved ones. Lose weight. Get on better with your colleagues. Get ahead in your career. Here’s how you can achieve the most common resolutions in 2016.

Spend more time with loved ones (your social media followers)

Most of us spend as much time online as we do in the ‘real world’. Make the most of the time you spend on social media to get back to real life sooner.


Lose (metaphorical) weight

If you’re not happy at work, it can weigh you down. Lose weight (without ditching the biscuits) with these tips.


Get on better with your colleagues

We spend eight or more hours a day at work – more time than we spend with our families. And, just like families, it’s not easy to get on with everyone all the time. These posts will help you navigate tricky relations.


Move your career forwards

In many ways, our careers define us. From business cards, to LinkedIn, to the question “what do you do?”, it’s easy to think we are our careers. Resolve to move yours forwards in 2016.

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