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Andy Martinus

Published on

June 26, 2018


Marketing, MET, Seasonal, Silly Season

According to Smart Insights, advertising clickthrough rates can vary dramatically depending on advertising channel, sector, campaign mediums and combinations.

But what really changes the response rate?

Firstly, the target list is key. A tightly managed up to date list can make a big difference. This tends to vary with size. Higher value shorter lists are much more effective for obvious reasons.

Secondly, having compelling, high quality content also shifts the needle. A general rule of thumb is: “Are you telling the recipient something that’s relevant and that they don’t already know?”

Finally, timing is everything. Summer mailings tend to have lower responses because many are away and there’s simply less going on. The impact of holiday season should not be underestimated. It’s no coincidence that you will see lower cost per click but also slower results during the summer period.


The proof is in the pudding

Over the last six weeks we launched our Marketing Engagement Tracker (MET).

Our initial campaign has driven more than 17,000 impressions and 410 engagements which in itself is a healthy engagement level.

It was with no surprise that we achieved over 20% form fill response rate on an initial release of data, following the rules above. Of the recipients that actively responded the costs per lead to date is £23, significantly lower than previous campaigns we have run at different times of the year.


What did we learn?

Our biggest learning so far is the importance of integrating all of the elements above in to any marketing campaign. The data (plus intelligent targeting) ensures that you are starting on the right foot; understanding your audience is as important as anything else you will do.

Having the right data is only the start though, it’s what you do with next that counts, and that’s where quality content comes in. The constant desire to avoid a reaction of “So What?” drives this. Our recent experience with the MET has shown that the right content, that adds value, drives both engagement and opportunity.

Combining timing, the right platform (LinkedIn in this case), the right data and great content puts you in a strong position to stand out from the crowd, drive awareness, and in time, convert leads in to new business.

If anyone is interested in finding out more on this then let me know.

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