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September 17, 2021


press release

TEAM LEWIS focuses on opening doors to career changers and non-graduates.

TEAM LEWIS, the global marketing agency, has announced that it is waving goodbye to the CV and instead asking candidates who they want to be. The initiative is one of many aimed at opening doors to career changers and non-graduates. It will offer jobseekers the opportunity to choose a career based on what they want to be and how they want to change the world.

“In a world that is relentlessly digital, video-first, and unbound from convention, we have to recognise that the unique combination of talent and aspiration we’re looking for can and does come from anywhere and everywhere,” says Chris Lewis, founder and CEO of TEAM LEWIS. “We’re looking for passion, curiosity, and the desire to push boundaries and rail against the status quo. Our team has some of the best and brightest minds in the industry and is prepared to teach the skills.”

Seasoned and aspiring marketers alike will be able to visit and in one word describe who they want to be and find their “er” – whether that be a designer, a thinker, a leader, or otherwise. After providing a link to their LinkedIn page, TEAM LEWIS will reach out to discuss their goals and which of its 100+ global opportunities might be the best fit.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has prompted individuals across the globe to reconsider which parts of their lives they can change for the better. TEAM LEWIS has embraced this change, scaling global programmes to support community causes, diversity and inclusion, and flexible work environments for employees. Saying goodbye to the CV is yet another step forward in breaking down barriers, to welcome fresh talent into new careers.

In 2020, a fifth of the global workforce was comprised of people between the ages of 15 and 24. Today, this group is recovering from the impacts of the pandemic, contributing to a recent finding that 48% of marketers were personally planning on leaving their job. This group represents a generation of marketers who are looking to define themselves not by what they have done but by who they are.

“People are unique. That comes as no surprise. But, we so often use traditional categories based on an archaic education system to define their abilities: Manager, Director, Designer, Accountant,” says Simon Billington, TEAM LEWIS Executive Creative Director. “Likewise, we always look to traditional methods to identify people: what school they went to, or their degree. This is outdated thinking. People are nuanced and excited by blurred lines of ability. Some of the people who will have the biggest impact on the world, will have a CV rejected at stage one of a traditional recruitment process. The path forward should be flexible and embrace our potential. Great creativity can come from anywhere, and we want the best creative for our Creative agency.”

Testament to this, earlier this month TEAM LEWIS launched its global RISE Academy, a programme that will offer one hundred new entry-level trainees per year the freedom to choose a career in the marketing industry without a degree or relevant work experience. Aimed at non-graduates and career changers, the successful applicants will be able to earn and learn through training, certification, shadowing and a global work exchange programme. RISE is part of TEAM LEWIS’ ongoing action program to address diversity, inclusion, communication and equality (DICE).

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