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March 17, 2020


public relations

Connecting and collaborating across borders with speed, purpose and congruent messaging is more important now than ever. That’s why we’re turning to our international team of experts for their advice on the evolving PR industry. Tune in to the latest episode of The 360 as we provide you with the tools to become a global PR pro.


In this episode, we sit down with SVP EMEA, Giles Peddy (London), Account Manager, Saskia Jurjens (Amsterdam) and International Client Services Director, Yasmine Boucetta (Germany) and special guest host Head of Content, Freek Janssen (Eindhoven) to examine the global PR industry, international campaign coordination and what a strong global PR strategy entails.

Scaling PR on an International Level

“All PR is Scalable”

Good PR comes down to driving or joining public conversation in an authentic and relatable way. News travels fast and is accessible all over the world, essentially making all news, global news and proving it highly likely we are all tapping into similar global trends. That’s why in scaling PR efforts, all brands need to think “global”, but act “local”. This is what builds a strong brand that is connected with customers no matter their location.

In this episode, we break down different tactics behind scaling PR on an international level. We emphasize the importance that scalable PR is not a copy- and- paste solution, yet one that encompasses brand messaging tailored to your target market.

International Collaboration

There are many challenges when it comes to international collaboration, but these challenges can be turned into opportunities. Local nuances like social norms and language can be engineered to work effectively in brand messaging. A central point of contact, like the hub model we employ, ensures consistency to drive positive results. In this episode, we explore those challenges, as well as provide you with tactical advice to turn those challenges into beneficial opportunities. We sit down with our experienced multi-market PR pros to discuss strategies that have proven successful for them.

Strategy for Newer Markets

After many months or sometimes years of preparation, you or your client is ready to roll out your product in a new market, but where do you start? With Market Research of course. When entering a new market, it is important to note brand awareness, competitors and your target audience. In this episode, we explore the benefits of implementing a solid market research strategy tailored to your target market, the importance of competitor analysis and how timing plays a key role in your launch strategy.

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