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Beverley Noble

Published on

October 13, 2017



Giving Context

Facebook is testing a new context button that could help users to decide whether the news they are reading is biased or fake, without leaving their News Feed. The Context button would source information from news outlets from all over the web to better inform users. Facebook says the new feature would not affect the distribution of content in the News Feed.

VR is Here

You may soon be able to play with VR objects on Facebook, even without the Oculus headset. Facebook this week previewed 3D posts, a new type of News Feed post where users can interact with a 3D object. For instance, you might be able to open the door on a VR car. Facebook promises that third party creators will soon be able to share their VR creations.


Keep that Tweet
Being able to save tweets for later has long been at the top of users’ wish lists. And now Twitter is working on a feature that could make that wish a reality. This could lead to Twitter being more useable as a way to consume news, as articles and links can be kept for information ‘grazing’ times.

Women Boycott Twitter

Thousands of women are boycotting Twitter this week in protest against the suspension of Rose McGowan’s account. The actress was suspended after talking about sexual harassment in Hollywood. Some users are unimpressed with the new community policy and blocking feature, saying that much harassment still goes unchallenged on the site.


Instagram Down

Instagram and Facebook were both hit by major disruption in Europe and North America this Wednesday, due to a ‘networking issue’ (although an official reason is yet to be issued). Both the app and desktop versions were affected, but were resolved within a few hours.

Snapchat Context Cards

Context Cards will soon let you find out more about Snaps shared by users, providing links to relevant information like restaurant reviews, Uber hailing and contact info. The new feature should lead to more spontaneous discovery through the app, and increase the marketing value of the platform.


Day of the Girl

This cute profile picture frame celebrating the International Day of the Girl was widely used on Facebook all over the world on the 11th October. All the big social media platforms took part, and #DayoftheGirl trended on Twitter. Who run the world?


End of an Era
After 20 years, AOL Instant Messenger is shutting down. After battling with Messenger MSN, the pioneering chat app has now been almost entirely replaced by apps like Facebook and WhatsApp. If you want to relive the highlights, the sound effects are available here. Or you could watch ‘You’ve Got Mail’ again…


Vandalised by Artists

Earlier this week Snapchat launched a new feature exhibiting AR versions of Jeff Koons’ iconic sculptures. But the project quickly received backlash from the artistic community, who argued the art could be monetised. To draw attention to the debate, a group of New York artists mocked up this ‘vandalised’ version of Koons’ iconic dog and placed it in the exact same location as Snapchat’s version.

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