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Rachel Pritchard

Published on

June 10, 2016


This Week in Social, we’ve seen creative ads, platform tweaks, and worries about reach. Read on for more…



Tube Tweets

Transport for London and Twitter have teamed up to launch an ‘instant’ tube alert service, designed to directly deliver updates on delays to commuters.

Ad Expansions

Twitter is letting advertisers pack more text, photos and videos into singles ads. Brands can now promote multiple Tweets in a carousel format that users can swipe through to view.


Algorithm Agony

Well, at least for media agencies… reach in many cases has fallen as much as 40% from January to May. Speculation turns to the possibility that the channel is placing priority on user posts.



Instagram Feed Update

Getting the Facebook treatment; Instagram will be updating its feed with a new algorithmic timeline based on “what you care about”. Say goodbye to your chronological order!

Snapchat Discover Redesign

You may have already spotted the Snapchat Discover redesign – this fresh new look allows users to subscribe to channels which should keep publishers very happy!

Social Winners

Snapchat Growth Predictions

The image-based platform is set to take over both Twitter and Pinterest with daily active users by the end of 2016 – the US user base alone is expected to reach 58.6 million!


Social Losers

Zuckerberg Hacked

Included in the thousands of social media users who have had their accounts hacked, Mark Zuckerberg has been caught in the storm for his password ‘dadada’.


Creative Spots

 Bailey’s Social Soap

What happens when you mix soap operas and social media? Baileys takes to Instagram’s new carousel feature to demonstrate…

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