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Rachel Pritchard

Published on

February 19, 2016



This week in social, the big platforms are opening up opportunities for brands, with quicker messaging in Twitter and advertising spots proposed for Facebook messenger. Read on for more…


Quicker Direct Messaging

Businesses may see an easier way to deal with customer queries – well, on Twitter at least! The channel is to introduce a quicker way to start direct message conversations with a new button added to Tweets.

GIF Library

It’s official – Twitter’s new GIF library is here! After a recent test period, the feature will roll out over the next few weeks for all to enjoy!


Monetising Messenger

Reports say that Facebook is planning to place ads within Messenger to monetise the tool. No dates have been confirmed as of yet, but they can apparently be expected to appear in the next few months.

Facebook Live

The Facebook Live feature is rolling out globally for iOS users. Until now only US users, verified accounts and celebrates were able to broadcast and live-stream.


Likes In Numbers

Instagram is testing a new way to visualise likes on posts. Users currently see the user names of those who have liked their image if the total is less than eleven, however that could be set to change with all likes to appear as numbers.

Improved Instagram Security

The image based platform is to improve security with a new two-factor authentication process. Users will soon be able ask for a second step when logging in, which includes a temporary code to be texted to them.

Social Winner


Seemingly inspired by @Jimllpaintit; retailer Wickes is asking Twitter users to complete their ‘#WickesPaintPortraits’ sentences, and creating personalised images from the submissions. Give it a try!

Social Loser

It Ain’t Easy, Being Yeezy…

After Kanye’s unusual Twitter behaviour last week, many users had taken the opportunity to troll… but it’s a move that backfires for brands. Check out the blunders from Virgin and GE.

Creative Spot

Red Carpet Rampage

Check out the 8-bit racing gamification of Leo’s battle for an Oscar. It’s strangely addictive!

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