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Rachel Pritchard

Published on

April 22, 2016



This week in social, Facebook algorithm changes are on the horizon, and we wish her majesty a very happy birthday. Read on for more…



Is clickbait on the way out?

The social media giant has announced algorithm tweaks which will take into account the time spent viewing posts, plus page post diversity. These changes are an attempt to quantify link quality and weed out clickbait once and for all.

Live ads to come… eventually.

Facebook live has made a big splash (and in the case of Buzzfeed’s watermelon, a big mess). Facebook has announced it will consider trying live ad formats… at some point.


Group calling for all

Facebook is rolling out group calling to all users. You’ll be able to call up to 50 people at the same time on messenger.



New layout being tested

A new Twitter layout may be in the works. The changes are designed to entice users off the main feed, and into the ‘explore’ and ‘moments’ tabs.

Yelp! New Twitter integration in the UK and Japan.

Yelp and Twitter have joined forces in the UK and Japan to provide location insights on Tweets. Users now get the option of selecting places provided by Yelp when they tag a location in their tweets. When users click through, they get a separate card with more details.



YouTube to support 360 degree live streaming

Get another step closer to reality with 360 live streaming from YouTube. You’ll need a Google Cardboard, or other VR headset to fully enjoy the new format.


Pinterest app overhaul

Pinners, rejoice! The app has been rewritten from the ground up. While it only looks marginally sleeker to users, the changes to the code mean that the app will run a whole lot faster.


Creative spot

Ballerina dances with her 19 year old self

Ballerina Alessandra Ferri dances with a hologram of her 19 year old self, proving that age is no barrier.

Twitter uses data to pay tribute to Prince

Using the 6million Tweets shared in response to the loss of #Prince, Twitter produced a visualisation of the musical genius.

Social Winner


Twitter lit up with more than a quarter of a million tweets congratulating Queen Elizabeth on reaching 90.

As usual, brands were happy to join in. Burger King took the (birthday) cake by turning a store into Burger Queen for the day.


Social Loser

Goodnight, Sweet Prince.

As music fans mourn the death of an icon, brands join in… with mixed results.

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