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Rachel Pritchard

Published on

November 25, 2016


digital, social, This Week in Social

This Week in Social Twitter's had a whale of a fail plus Facebook rolls out a change to Search. Read on for all of this week's social media news.


Hello Hotspot

After recently requesting Pages to list WiFi locations at physical addresses, Facebook looks to be testing a new feature that allows users to find the nearest hotspots!

Censorship Moves

What could be perceived as a move to get into China’s good books – the platform has been working on geographical censorship features to hide specific posts from users in a specific country.

Simplified Search

Facebook Search has come a long way over the years – check out the new design to help overcome and simplify the complexities that come with its evolution.


Growth By Video

Twitter’s ongoing strategy is firmly focused on video, video, video – and they plan to use it to help reach profitability in 2017.

Tweet Mashup

Just a bit of fun – this new tool lets you put in two account handles to blend together a perfectly mashed-up tweet. Give it a try!


More Actions

A new Periscope update is letting broadcasters send invites to viewers to follow their account, and even share their streamed content.

We Are Live

Some further video updates in the land of Instagram: The platform now lets users go live with their stories and send videos in direct-messages.

Social Winner

Pricing Power

In an industry-first, Lidl is giving its customers the power to price drop selected Christmas products. The more we Tweet about them – the lower the price!

Social Loser

Sorry, Jack

This week Twitter suspended its own CEO’s account…

No love for #BlackFriday

Not only have social conversations been in decline, but research shows that we’re more likely to be posting about how much we hate Black Friday than raving about our bargains.

Creative Spot

Bigger Picture

Using 360-video technology, this Salvation Army campaign shows the true face of poverty that is often just out of view.

4 Second Video

Known for their “wow” music videos, OKGO have done it again…

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