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Firuza Shukurova

Published on

April 21, 2017


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Facebook Spaces

Facebook announced a new app called Facebook Spaces at F8 2017, with an aim to blend social media and virtual reality. The app is developed for its Oculus Rift headset and allows you and your Facebook friends to enter a virtual world and hang out together. We now know why Zuckerberg bought Oculus back in 2014…

What’s on Your Mind?

Facebook is now working on tech that will allow you to control your computers with your brain. It is developing “silent speech” software to let you type straight from your brain about five times faster than you can type on your phone today.


A Swipe at YouTube

You can now buy an in-stream video ad against premium content on Twitter. In the official announcement, the platform said that ads can now be aligned with highlights clips and live-streams from Amplify partners, including TV networks, major sports leagues, publishing houses and magazines, and news outlets.

Twitter & AOL Partnership

Following the announcement above, Twitter has also partnered up with AOL UK to allow brands to run pre-roll ads against AOL’s videos via Twitter’s Amplify platform. Advertisers will be able to select the categories of video they want to run an ad with and add a layer of audience targeting.


Warning to Insta Celebs

Celebrities on Instagram warned by FTC for failing to properly disclose when their social media posts have been paid for by advertisers. In order to clamp down on the practice, the FTC will reach out to selected celebrities directly to remind them of their disclosure responsibilities.

No Wi-Fi? No Problem!

You can now like, comment, save, follow and unfollow on Instagram even if you have no data connection. The offline mode is currently available on Android only, but it is expected to launch on iOS soon.


Instagram announced its new feature “collections”, allowing users to organise the posts they save into private categories for easier access.  Sounds familiar, right? We thought so…


The Pain is Real

It’s not news that Instagram is mimicking Snapchat in many ways, but the truth is, Snapchat is feeling the pain. Eight months since Instagram rolled out Stories and just over a month since it launched ads on it, Snapchat is already losing the battle in advertising.

Snapchat Goes 3D

You can now change the world around you in three dimensions with Snapchat’s latest 3D lenses. Let’s see which social media platform will be next to jump in this battle. Wait, we already know the answer…


Lowered Standards

When YouTube first launched is mobile live-streaming in February, it was only available to those with more than 10,000 subscribers. Now, the company is lowering this requirement to 1,000.

Social Winner

Musical Love Letter

Creative girl uses Spotify playlist to tell her crush she liked him and internet is feeling the love. She arranged the songs of the playlist into sentence that revealed her true feelings. Let’s hope it was worth the effort!

Social Loser

Katy Perry Gets Moody…

Katy Perry gets slammed on social media after posting a picture of Kali, the Hindu goddess of destruction, to represent her “current mood”. Some Indian users found it offensive, criticising the pop star for “using pics of our goddesses as memes”.

Creative Spot

Making a Splash!

Mobile phone network giffgaff emphasises the freedom that comes with its contract-free approach in its epic new ad. We think the music track in the film could surely be re-released as a single…


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