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Rachel Pritchard

Published on

January 20, 2017


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This Week In Social, Twitter crosses enemy lines in search for new friends while Facebook starts to flag and filter fake news in Germany. Read on for all of this week’s social media updates.


Secret Edit

Facebook has quietly removed a feature that tells you if a post has been edited. Users can still see whether posts were tweaked by accessing “view edit history” from the pull-down menu in the top-right-hand corner of posts.

Fight Against Fake

Take a look at how the world’s largest social network is extending its effort to combat fake news in Germany.

You’ve Got Mail

Facebook has changed its messaging icon for PC. The new desktop inbox incorporates all of Messenger’s key features, including video chat, stickers, GIFs and games. But the changes don’t stop there…


Behind Enemy Lines

Twitter is on the lookout for new friends on Instagram, (even if it six years late to the game…)

Selling out

Goodbye Fabric! Twitter launched the platform in 2014 in a bid to enable developers to create better mobile app. Earlier this week, the company announced that the Fabric team and technology will be joining Google.


Ad Groups

Pinterest is rolling out “Ad Groups” – an update to the way the platform’s ad campaigns are structured. Go and check out the full benefits!


YouTube might be getting a lot more social and conversational following the initial roll-out of its own new, in-app messaging platform.


Homage to Vine

It’s an end of an era. Vine is all but gone now, however Twitter decided to keep at least one feature of the social network alive on its channel, by looping any video under 6.5 seconds.


In Sequence

Snapchat is refining its ad offer by allowing advertisers to run consecutive video ads with different creative within its Discover section.


Streaming Distraction

Did fans just watch one of their favourite video bloggers get into a car crash during a live stream? Thankfully not, but a campaign by the Association for Safer Driving warns audiences of the dangers of distracted driving.


Mistaken Identity

A woman from Brighton was mistaken for Ivanka Trump on Twitter by none other than… Donald Trump.


Creative Spot

The Coughing Billboard

A new campaign from Swedish pharmacy Apoteket Hjärtat, is using coughing billboards to convince smokers to quit. In using outdoor detectors; the digital poster identifies nearby smokers and shames them by sending the screen into a hacking fit.

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