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July 13, 2022



TEAM LEWIS Foundation (TLF) will tonight host representatives from over thirty charitable organisations in a celebration of its global community.

Representatives at the event are from many different sectors including disabilities, youth, veterans, medical, environment, urban renewal and equalities organisations.

The surprise guests of the evening are the entire Ukrainian Warrior Games team who were flown into the UK on Monday. TLF worked alongside partner organisations including the RAF, AirTanker, Blind Veterans UK and BRAVO VICTOR. Its role was to fund, coordinate and fulfil the ambition of the team to compete at the 2022 Warrior Games.

Samuel Dean, CEO of TLF said: “It’s inspiring to help the causes our global team care about. Today, is a celebration of what we have so far achieved. We feel privileged that so many of the charities that we are working with can be here. We are particularly honoured that the Ukrainian Warrior Games Team will be joining our event. Being part of the group of organisations supporting these brave athletes is a privilege.”

For more information on the TEAM LEWIS Foundation please read our latest Impact Report:

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