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October 3, 2016


too fast to think

Too Fast To Think investigates the impact of an always-on work culture on creativity.

In Too Fast To Think, a timely and inspirational new book by Chris Lewis, he investigates our too busy, ‘disruptive’ work culture and the detrimental impact this has on our creativity and our lives.

Too Fast To Think is released in the UK today. Get your copy now.

In a book that exposes what our exhausted work and education culture is doing to our health and minds, Lewis reveals how we can reclaim our creativity. From an exploration of cutting-edge cognitive research into creative thought, to an explanation of the 8 key factors that are needed for greater creativity (belief, quiet, dreaming, release, relaxation, repetition, play and teaching), the books shows how we can change the way we work.

Making the time to really think is key to success. The author is a living testament to this philosophy.

Lord Bell, Executive Chairman of Bell Pottinger

Using his own experience founding and running a global communications agency, Lewis not only reveals his own secrets of success – including how he offers art classes to his own staff to trigger greater creative ideas – but details the personal stories of a diverse range of other leaders from business people, to artists; from academics to the military; from religious figures to politicians.

What connects them makes fascinating reading: they all, bar none, reveal that their most inspirational ideas come, not when they are sat at a desk in the office, but when they are relaxed, uninterrupted and truly able to think creatively.

Too Fast to Think perfectly captures the zeitgeist of our exhausted world. It resonated profoundly with me both as an entrepreneur and as a parent.

Alison Cork, Entrepreneur, writer and broadcaster

Including endorsements from PR industry expert Mark Borkowski, Executive Chairman of Bell Pottinger, Lord Bell, Chairman of Risk Capital, Luke Johnson and many more, TOO FAST TO THINK provides not only fascinating personal accounts of imaginative success, idea development and leadership from the world’s leading figures, but offers real advice on how to harness your creative potential while living a healthier, more balanced, more productive life.

Author proceeds from sales of TOO FAST TO THINK will go to the charitable foundation Kupambana.

The book will also launch in the US in Miami on 25th October and Singapore and Beijing in late 2016.


Chris Lewis is the founder and CEO of LEWIS. He is a skilled media trainer who coaches senior politicians, business people and celebrities. Chris works closely with Chelsea College of Arts and the Royal Society. He is also a published author and journalist who has written for the Financial Times, Daily Telegraph, The Times and The Guardian. Since founding LEWIS in 1995, it has grown at an average rate in excess of 25 per cent per annum to become one of the largest marketing and communications agencies in the world.

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