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Flint Public Art Project



The Flint Public Art Project hosts events, workshops and creates installations to inspire residents to reimagine their city.

Flint, Michigan was badly damaged by the General Motors bubble bursting in the 1990s. It suffered a decline in quality of living, with many residents campaigning for more support.

Smiling people sitting
rainbow mural of a woman and doves


We worked with the Flint Public Art Project to capture and promote their work with a short-form documentary.


We created an award-winning video that can now be used for fundraising and marketing. It is used to get attention from national media and foster relationships with artists.


The Flint Public Art Project shows what’s possible when a community comes together. It’s a narrative of hope, transformation and the power of creativity to shape the future.

The film has increased engagement from the Flint community and beyond. It’s a testament to the power of storytelling to amplify the vision of those driving change. It lead directly to the project being featured in a best-selling book.

Key results


a wider audience


relationships with artists, community leaders and national media


annual mural festivals and mural workshops

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