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Rachel Pritchard

Published on

May 6, 2016


Star Wars Day takes over the internet, a 10-year old hacks Instagram and more in social from this week below.


Connecting People Twitter is adding a personal touch to who it recommends to follow. This updated feature is found in place of the old “find people” tab which has been renamed “connect”.


Temporary Reactions
Facebook is testing some temporary icons to add to its five new options. In addition to this, we finally get to see some data on their use since February’s launch!


Instagram is testing the waters with business profiles and so far we can see the introduction of a large ‘Contact’ button. We’re looking forward to seeing what else it offers…

Pinterest Metrics
In partnership with Millward Brown, Pinterest is offering a new set of metrics for brands using the Promoted Pins feature.

Social Winners

Many brands celebrated Star Wars day on their social channels this week, but who did it best?

10 Year Old Hack Boy
Not our usual type of social winner this week – but when a ten year old boy is rewarded $10,000 for finding an Instagram flaw, it deserves some recognition!

Social Loser

Cinco De May-Oh Dear
An obvious and uncomfortable bid to gain Latino votes. Another Trump Tweet…

Creative Spots

COD On Messenger
The first-person shooter game is using Facebook Messenger for players to have a ‘secure’ chat with a Lt. Reyes chatbot…

Portfolio Placement
It’s in an Art Director’s nature to be creative – especially with how they display their portfolio!

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