impact report

TEAM LEWIS Foundation donates time, money and creative services to help charitable organizations achieve their ambitions. Take a look at what was achieved last year.

In three years, TEAM LEWIS Foundation has supported more than 1,500 causes.

What started as a response to COVID-19 has grown into a global, employee-led charity. Yet our goal remains the same. We give back to causes. And we help as many people as possible.

Our work enables causes to be a beacon of light during dark times.

WeProtect Global Alliance

WeProtect Global Alliance has a vision, working with members from over 100 countries, to build a digital world designed to protect children from emerging threats and prevent abuse from occurring.

In September 2023, TEAM LEWIS Foundation partnered with WeProtect Global Alliance. The team supported this NGO with global PR coordination for the launch of its 2023 Threat Assessment.

793 pieces of coverage and 10 interviews later, WeProtect Global Alliance certainly achieved its goal to increase public awareness of the problem’s scale and nature. TEAM LEWIS had the privilege of working with prominent political, business and civil society leaders, as well as survivors, from across the world to generate coverage.

Voice for Paws

This animal rescue organization manages a foster system giving rescued strays a safe haven before being re-homed.

We worked with them to craft a captivating video that would illuminate the inherent beauty and lovability of mixed breeds and mongrels.

The video featured prominently during Voice for Paws adoption drives. It has garnered a highly positive response from the public.

Logan Heights Community Development Corporation

Logan Heights Community Development Corporation (LHCDC) strengthens residents and businesses in Greater Logan Heights neighborhoods through community empowerment, education, economic growth, and housing development.

TEAM LEWIS Foundation identified and supported LHCDC on a few areas where we provided time, money, and resources that have aimed to increase the impact of their work, online and in person.

The work we have done together is being used to generate attention from local and national media.


A key focus of TEAM LEWIS Foundation is bringing local causes together to create a wider impact. One way we do this is by holding Global Causes Gatherings. In 2023, we brought together more causes than ever before.

TEAM LEWIS hosted three Global Causes Gatherings in 2023: San Diego, London, and Singapore. We invited all the causes we have supported over the last two years to join us at iconic venues in each location.

In total, we united 200 causes across the three events. Many of their leaders commented that this was the first time they had been invited to an event that focused on bringing causes together.


In 2022, we hit 1,000 causes supported since we launched in 2021. Our Impact Report 2022 delves into the activity that took place in our second year.


In 2021, we funded over $2m in grants. Our Impact Report 2021 delves into the activity that took place in our first year.