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AI is everywhere.

Yet new solutions are most heavily impacting marketers and brands. But how does the global industry really feel about AI? How is it currently being used? And, as the technology evolves, what might it mean for the future? 

TEAM LEWIS spoke to market leaders across China, France, Germany, Netherlands, the UK and the US to uncover answers to these questions, and more. Discover the findings in our three short reports. 

Part 1: Global Sentiment towards AI in Marketing

From feelings of concern to reports of valuable benefits, find out how marketers currently perceive AI.


Part 2: How the World is Using AI in Marketing

Despite the need for further development, AI is already supporting global marketing teams. Learn how. 


Part 3: The Future of AI in Marketing

Next-generation creativity and a heightened demand for new skills. Explore what tomorrow could hold for marketers. 




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