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June 22, 2023


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Living in a digital era where users can change their whole appearance with different apps including Facetune, FaceApp, and any other in-app filters, BeReal enables users to be raw and true to themselves.

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BeReal gained traction due to the trend of the younger audience resonating more with content that is transparent, honest, and real. In this blog, I will dive into how you can benefit from BeReal from a business perspective.

What is BeReal?

BeReal is one of the fastest-growing social media apps today that encourages users to be authentic and present. On this ad-free photo-sharing app from the App Store, users only have two minutes to capture a two-way photo (using their front and back camera) to show what they are doing in real-time, promoting users to post content without filters. To ensure that users are “Being Real,” the app itself notifies other users if a photo was posted late or if the caption was altered.

This app is like TikTok and Instagram, allowing users to post real-time content about what they are doing. However, BeReal is much different from other platforms in that users are only able to post once a day without any filters. On the other hand, for other social apps like TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram, users can save their photos and post their edited and curated content any time of the day, any number of times they want.

As BeReal users only have under two minutes to take the shot, there’s no opportunity to set the stage or choose the lighting. This creates a different feel from other apps as the content is raw and authentic.

Your BeReal friends receive daily notifications whenever you post every 24 hours. You also receive notifications when it’s the time of the day to post your “BeReal.”

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How do I know if BeReal is right for my business?

Before downloading the social media app, it is important to ask yourself about your target audience, the purpose for creating a BeReal account for your business, and what you’re trying to sell. BeReal is especially popular amongst Gen Z consumers and helps with brand advocacy, deepening relationships, and developing trusting communities.

It is important to create a BeReal marketing strategy before jumping head-first into the app. It is essential as a business to use your time as effectively as possible to understand BeReal’s audience and its current features.

How can digital marketers benefit from BeReal marketing to grow their business?

As BeReal is about unpolished content compared to Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok’s filtered content, users feel that the content appearing on BeReal is more authentic showcasing day-to-day activities with products that they are using in real-time.

Although BeReal is a new social media app and many businesses are not on there, being on the app is a great way to showcase products and day-to-day company culture. As the BeReal app is only available to users that are “friends” with each other, one of the best ways to entice people to add your BeReal business account is by promoting it on other social channels (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok). This is a way for your business’s BeReal account to increase the number of friend requests in the app. An example of this is, if a BeReal user friend requests your account, they receive a discount code or a promo code for a future purchase.

Just like having friends on Snapchat, BeReal gives an exclusive feel to users. Users can view BeReal from others only if they are friends on the app. This is an opportunity for brands to become ‘friends’ with their customers to give an intimate connection that other social media platforms don’t provide.

BeReal is a great way to generate user generated content when working with potential BeReal influencers. The BeReal content can be repurposed for other social media platforms.

Can I advertise my business on BeReal?

Currently, BeReal doesn’t support paid advertisements on the app. All of the content on BeReal is organic. As I wrote in my previous blog about organic social media, organic social is FREE. Therefore, businesses looking to experience BeReal firsthand can jump right into the app and post at no cost. If businesses are interested in promoting BeReal content, they can download the BeReal post to upload and boost it on other platforms like Facebook and Instagram to stay relevant.

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Are you ready to “BeReal”?

This question can be taken in 2 ways:

  • Are you ready to get on this app and post a BeReal?
  • Are you ready to be real in life?

The social app, BeReal, promotes authenticity much differently from other apps where users are not placed in an over-curated world of influencer lifestyles. When asking yourself the first question, it is crucial to understand that BeReal contains mostly Generation Z users. This social app helps Gen Z consumers present themselves with transparency and shows that users can be more realistic about their lives without filters.

More users are leaning towards TikTok for authentic content, but even more, users are diving into BeReal as the social app gives more of a safe space for people to stay authentic due to the restrictions on the app, such as the time limit to post, no filtering, and more. As a marketer, it is important to continuously utilize the BeReal app to understand potential updates that you can incorporate for your brand.

As you continue your day, I want to emphasize the second question above. Are you ready to be real in life? Be real. Be authentic. Be true to yourself. Always remember the power of authenticity and the power it has when people are recommending products and services with full transparency and excitement.

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